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brought to you by the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Can we FINALLY get over the love affair with LSU?

I know, the LSU apologists will be quick to point out that their 2 losses were both in overtime, but lets face it folks. Kentucky has since been shown to be just a slightly above average team, and no one would mistake Arkansas for a top 20 team. They lost to Arkansas AT HOME for crying out loud.

LSU has played with fire all season. They play up or down to the level of their opponents nearly every game. For the second time, their own inability to play at their top level vs weaker opponents has come back to bite them.

Now that we have almost run out of not only unbeaten teams, but once beaten teams too, can we FINALLY give some respect to the winner of the MU/KU game, and admit that the winner of that game DESERVES to be in the title game if they beat Oklahoma in the Big XII Championship game?

Once again, let me stress, that I'm not asking for unfair treatment here, but only fair treatment. All I ask for is a little respect, just for a little, for whichever of the two teams wins that game if they also beat Oklahoma.

By the way, if Hawaii beats Boise State tonight, isn't it time we gave THEM a little respect too? I'm sick and tired of hearing how they played no one. They TRIED to schedule people, but, in the typical BCS powers chicken shit response, NO ONE wanted any part of Colt Brennan and company.

Michigan State used a buyout clause to get out of having to play them. They tried to schedule Michigan, but the Ferrets... err, Wolverines, prefered to play somone safe, and scheduled  1-AA Appalachian State. When they became the first 1-A team to lose to a 1-AA team, justice was served. They also tried hard to play USC, but they also wanted no part of them.

Hawaii can only play the people who are not too scared to show up and play them.

If we aren't going to have a playoff system in Division 1-A, then we need a rule that says any team that goes undefeated and at least makes a bona fide effort to schedule at least one non conference team that could reasonably be expected to be a top 25 team that season is automatically in the title game unless there are two other undefeated teams. Maybe then, people might be willing to play teams like Hawaii, so they could give them a loss and eliminate them.

Yes, I know a rule like this would be murky, and difficult to write, but the effort should be made. We need to encourage teams to play people like Hawaii and Boise State and the like, because right now the system DISCOURAGES it for two reasons.

1) If they lose to a "non BCS" school, the voters and computers will hammer them and, more importantly

2) If these non BCS schools actually win games against BCS schools, and especially if they do it more than once, they might actually start attracting recruits and respect and become a real, annual power, and, lets face it, the BCS conferences have a major vested interest in keeping that from happening.

I could go on and on about this, but, this is enough ranting for now.
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