Nov. 22nd, 2007

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OK, so, I get off work at 7pm last night, all packed and prepped for my drive to Atlanta (Zebulon actually).

Google Maps tells us it is a 12 hour drive (exactly), however, I'm taking a slight detour to my mom's, because I've discovered that some of my Blake's 7 tapes have mysteriously materialized there. No worries though, because it's only 27 minutes out of the way, plus 60-90 minutes for a visit before she goes to bed.

 However, as I'm shutting down the computer for the night, I decide to check my email one last time to see if anyone ever came up with a way to get those Time Gate fliers to Chicago Tardis and...

There is an email from Rob Levy which reads:

Please call Jennifer Picker at XXX-XXX-XXXX
she is driving up to CT.

So I think, ok, well, depending on what part of St. Louis she lives in, this could be a long detour...

Wondering where I will be diverting to to drop the fliers off at, I call her... and she's ON HER WAY to Chicago RIGHT THEN...

She's just left, and is currently in South County on I-255. After doing some calculations, I figure we can both arrive in Springfield Illinois at almost exactly the same time. Since that's on her way, she agrees.

Springfield would, ordinarily NOT be more than a few minutes at most out of the way to Atlanta, as the "secondary" route to get there goes through there (The "primary" one goes through Hannibal MO and St. Louis MO, but there's less than 30 minutes difference between them, and I've been driving most of the "secondary" route for years anyway), but since I'm going by my mom's as well, I figure it adds 90 minutes to the trip,  (pretty much what Google Maps drop and drag thinks too).

Well, by the time I stop and get something to eat in Springfield and talk to Jennifer (who's a really interesting person and was well worth the detour to meet with), you can tack another 30 minutes or so on...  So by the time I got to my mom's, it's 11:10pm (if I'd gone directly there with only the one gas stop, I'd have made it by 9:45-10:00 or so) By the time I get my stuff there and visit with my mom, its like 12:30... eeep

Its taken about 5:15 minutes, just to make it the leg of the trip that was supposed to be 2:27 drive time, plus maybe an hour or so to visit...

A 12:30-13 hour drive to Atlanta this will not be.

I know from experience that 12-13 hours is about my limit, even when fully alert and rested when starting. No amount of food/leg stretching stops really adds to that total. So, having left at about 7:15, I wind up figuring that 8:30 is about my limit, after which I will have to rest and take a nap. I figure out that I can make it to the rest area in the mountain pass in Tennessee at Monteagle in about that time... and yeah, I was pushing it to get there, as I had a couple of those, hello, I'm on the shoulder moments X_X. So, when I get to that rest area, the damn thing is CLOSED... C R A P. I somehow manage to make it to the Nick-a-Jack rest area about 25 miles further on, but OMG, there were a couple times I nearly blacked out, including twice in the last mile of the trip.

After about a 2 hour nap ( I confess I was too tired to care exactly what time I fell asleep and woke up) I woke up and continued on, arriving at my destination about 17 hours after I left. Holy shit that was a loooooong trip, and one I don't look forward to repeating any time soon.

I ordinarily love that drive. I even have the radio station progression all programed into my radio. But I ordinarily stop only twice for 10 minutes to get gas and pee, so I really can make it in 12 hours or less.

The roundabout trip was for a couple good causes, and I don't regret doing it, but... I'm glad its over. I'm now rethinking the whole driving from Denver (World Con) to Indy (Gen Con) in a single day next year.


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