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Yeah, I know, most if not all of you will be totally uninterested in this, but since I'm not really using this space for anything anymore, untill i find a better place, I'm sticking my logs from my IRC D&D game here. It's a mostly 2nd edition players option game, with some stuff from 1st edition thrown in for fun.

It's set in my own realm, called Arland. It was once a non magical realm, where the various races got along fairly well, but with the arrival of the otherworldy elves from "beyond the mists", it became a land dominated by the elves and men... It's a realm where the magic of the elves has caused more harm than good over the last 5,000 years... or has it?

Enjoy or not as you see fit.

Elisandra - Taros; Tanja - Eukara; Wimji - Prudence_Moon/Rachel; All other Characters - George "Underdog" Cockrell

Session Ident: #Arland
* Topic is 'Welcome to Arland. A realm where the Magic of the Elves has caused more harm than good... Or has it.'
* Set by Underdog! on Thu Mar 19 20:14:30
<>Ambiance<> Welcome to the realm of Arland. It is a realm where once the various humans and demi-humans lived in relative harmony with each other.
<>Ambiance<> That was over five thousand years ago... before the coming of the "otherworld" elves.
<>Ambiance<> There are two kinds of elves in Arland: the ones who were originated in this world, and the ones who arrived here from... "beyond the mists"
<>Ambiance<> Where exactly "beyond the mists" is, only they know, if any of them even remember.
<>Ambiance<> What is known is what happened after their arrival.
<>Ambiance<> The otherworldly elves were much more advanced than their counterparts that were native to Arland, especially in the ways of Magic.
<>Ambiance<> These elves were eager to help the “backward” races, and at first, all the races seemed to benefit from the newfound teaching of the elves.
<>Ambiance<> However, problems began to arise eventually, because not all races benefited equally. In fact one race seemed to be even more adept at learning magic than the elves themselves. The Human Race.
<>Ambiance<> As always among men, it seems, power corrupts...
<>Ambiance<> Many of the more powerful mages sought to use their powers to gain dominion over others, both of their own race, and of the other humanoid races as well.
<>Ambiance<> For the first time in Arland, there were wars. Not just territorial battles, but real wars of domination and conquest.
<>Ambiance<> Even some of the elves who were native to Arland became corrupted by their newfound magic powers. These were the elves who would later become known as the Drow.
<>Ambiance<> The "otherworld" elves eventually realized how much chaos they had inadvertently caused. They fought alongside those humans and demi-humans who had not become corrupted, against the evil mages and tried to restore the balance to the world.
<>Ambiance<> Eventually, they were able to "win", though it was a pyrrhic victory. Evil and greed had been defeated, but never again would most of the races of the world live in harmony with one another. The scars of the wars ran too deep.
<>Ambiance<> Most of the elves withdrew from contact with the other races, even the other elven races, at this time. Other than the White Elves of Agrive, they were not completely isolated from the world, but would now interact with the other races only at great need. The most aloof of these elves would later be known as the Grey Elves, the rest of them.
<>Ambiance<> The remaining elves, collectively known as the High Elves, mostly moved to the Durianeth Forest in South Central Arland. Some few, however, remained in their original location, Calquendia, and remained friendly to the Humans in the Southwest, who had, for the most part, fought bravely with the elves against the evil sorcerers.
<>Ambiance<> Those elves, a small branch of the high elves, became known as the light elves, and remain friendly towards most of the other races even to this day. They, along with the Grey Elves, still practice magic to a high degree, though their magic is, understandably, more closely guarded than it was in those early days.
<>Ambiance<> Over the years, many, many wars were fought, lasting more than two thousand years. The last of the "great wars" ended about two thousand years ago, however. Since then, magic has been on the decline, both because many people came to shun it and fear it as "evil" (Which, of course, it is NOT) and because many of it's greatest practitioners died in these conflicts long, long ago.
<>Ambiance<> That's not to say there aren't a few good wizards around, because surely, there are, but, not like in the old days... Yet, magic may be about to play an important role in the world again, for the first time in two thousand years.
<>Ambiance<> Yes, welcome to the world of Arland... I hope you have a pleasant stay.
* Underdog sets mode: +vvv Eukaway Taros Wimji
<>Ambiance<> We begin in the town of Arlington, a mostly Human city located in the Kingdom of Mithrim. The city lies on the southwestern edge of the realm, near the Gaines Swamp, the largest swamp in the known world. The swamp itself is a land ruled by the Lizardmen.
<>Ambiance<> Because of the swamp to the southwest, the Ocean to the north, and the Weather Mountains to the southeast the lands the Mithrim remained largely uninvolved in the great wars of generations past. Nature had simply made Mithrim a land that wasn’t worth bothering with, because it was approachable only from the sea or the east, generally speaking.
<>Ambiance<> It wasn’t that traversing the swamp was completely impossible, it was simply that, with other more important targets for the enemy, traversing the swamp simply wasn’t worth the bother.
<>Ambiance<> Even with these advantages, and even though the league of Avernus had long since ceased to be a major threat to anyone, the Kingdom of Mithrim had remained vigilant. As the last major human kingdom in the east, they had few close allies, and no real choice but to rely only on their own troops if they wanted to keep themselves safe from any and all threats.
<>Ambiance<> It is against this backdrop that our story opens in one of the unlikeliest of places... a detention cell. In this cell sleeps a 17 year old girl. She might have committed more than one crime for which she would deserve to be here, but, oddly enough, she is innocent of the charges which have landed her here. The time is about 90 minutes before dawn.

<>Ambiance<> Begin Session 1
<-PrisonGuard> On your feet girl. I’ve got someone who wants to meet you.
* Elisandra blinks a few times, and lets out a large yawn. She looks up at the guard, and gets to her feet in no hurry. She doesn't look pleased at the whole situation.
<-UnknownKnight> That will be all guard, I'll take care of things from here.
<>Ambiance<> The guard looks a bit unsure, but leaves the cell somewhat reluctantly
* Elisandra 's a 17 year old human girl, with shoulder length, straight black hair that looks like she doesn't spend too much time taking care of it. She looks reasonably fit and athletic, and moves quite gracefully, despite her slightly unkempt appearance.
<-UnknownKnight> Your name is Elisandra correct?
<+Elisandra> "Yeah."
<+Elisandra> "What's it to you?"
<-UnknownKnight> Relax lass, believe it or not, I am not your enemy.
<+Salov> My name is Salov, I'm a knight of the church of Zanxia. I've been sent to secure your release.
* Elisandra blinks a few times. "... Release?"
<+Salov> My lady, the high priestess, has secured your release, on the condition you come with me to meet with her.
* Elisandra looks a bit skeptical, like she knows there's got to be a catch. "Err... Alright."
<+Salov> We're well aware that you don't belong in here... at least not for what you're supposed to have done...
<+Elisandra> "..."
<>Ambiance<> You suddenly remember... Zanxia... the god of divination... you have a feeling these people might know rather a lot about you somehow.
<+Elisandra> "Do you know what this high priestess wants with someone like me?"
<+Salov> Don't worry, no harm will come to you. My lady simply feels that you might be able to perform a service for her, and that you really are a good person... generally... if you weren't, you wouldn't be giving some of your profits to those orphans...
* Elisandra ... erm.. blushes a little. "Ah... err... alright."
<+Salov> Anyway, shall we go? We have another to release ere we meet my lady.
<+Elisandra> "Yeah..."
* Salov motions for Elisandra to lead the way
<+Elisandra> "Uhh... I don't know where we're going?"
<>Ambiance<> Once out in the hall, two other obviously lower ranking knights take lead of the procession
* Elisandra walks out of the cell, at least.
<+Elisandra> "Oh."
* Elisandra follows them.
<>Ambiance<> They lead the procession down the hall to a cell at the far end.
* Elisandra eyes the contents of the cell.
<+Salov> Wait here please lady Elisandra *he enters the cell*
* Elisandra erm, just kinda stands there.
<>Ambiance<> You catch sight of the prisoner in the cell. It's a rather tall half-elf girl.
<>Ambiance<> End Session 1.0

<>Ambiance<> Begin Session 1.1
<>Ambiance<> Meanwhile, at one of the best taverns on the other side of town, one of the most prominent Gnomish citizens in town is just leaving to go home...
<+UnknownKnight> Excuse me, Professor Wimji isn’t it?
<>Ambiance<>Wimji is your typical Rock Gnome. Deep tan skin, blue eyes, blondish hair now mostly white, and an average length (for a gnome) nose.
<+Wimji> Why yes, excuse me, but who are you?
<+Kasparov> My name is Corporal Kasparov. I'm one of the Shrine Knights from the Temple of Zanxia.
<>Ambiance<> Even in your state of mild intoxication it rings a bell... Zanxia... oh yes, the god of Magic, Time, and Divination... particularly beloved of the elves and especially half elves...
* +Wimji fidgets nervously. "May I help you?"
<+Kasparov> Yes. Or rather, my lady the high priestess thinks you may be of aid to her.
<+Kasparov> Rumor has it that you are considered one of the regions foremost authorities of local history, and of the history of the Great Wars. This is true, is it not?
<+Wimji> Indeed it is. I am known far and wide for my extensive knowledge in those subjects, as well as in anything else you could possible want to know, and much that you didn't care to either!
<+Wimji> I am known for my modesty as well!
<+Kasparov> Oh yes, obviously
* Kasparov smirks
<+Kasparov> My lady requests an audience with you before you go to bed? Would you be so kind as to come with me?
<+Wimji> Certainly, how can turn down someone who needs my knowledge so desperately. Let's go!
<+Kasparov> Thank you for making this so easy. You know, most people would have resisted an invitation such as this an hour before dawn.
<+Wimji> Well I, thankfully, am not like most people.
<+Kasparov> I trust that this arrangement will be mutually beneficial to both you and to my lady. I have a wagon over there. Would you prefer to ride up front with me or sleep in the back of the wagon? as you know, it's a little bit of a ride out of town to the foothills of the mountians.
<+Wimji> I think a bit of sleep would do me some good.
* +Wimji yawns rather loudly.
* Kasparov bows. As you wish professor.
* Kasparov leads the way over to the wagon, draws the covering back, and helps the small gnome inside.
<>Ambiance<> Inside the wagon is another, obviously lower ranking soldier who smiles and helps Wimji inside.
* +Wimji lays down and falls asleep almost immediately. Soon she begins snoring loudly.
* Kasparov drives the Wagon up into the foothills muttering to himself "Yeah, friggin Salov. He always gets the GOOD assignments. There are TWO cute girls in jail? He gets to let them out. We need to get a gnome who snores like my ex-wife, I get THAT assignment..."
<>Ambiance<> End Session 1.1

<>Ambiance<> Begin Session 1.2
<>Ambiance<> Meanwhile, back with Salov's company...
<>Ambiance<> Inside the cell is a beautiful half-elf maiden who appears to be sleeping. Appearances, however, can be deceiving...
<+Salov> Lady Tanja, I'm sorry to interrupt your escape attempt, but if it's ok with you, I'm here to release you.
* Elisandra sniggers at that.
<>Ambiance<> Tanja is a very beautiful and tall (for a half-elf) half-elf, with medium length reddish black hair and impossibly green eyes.
* +Tajna looks at the man through half slitted eyes. "Really? I find that hard to believe that you are here to help me."
Nevertheless, it is so. You nearly had that lock picked didn't you? Very nice work for someone who has only been in here a few hours.
<+Tajna> I happen to find this place not to my liking. I have better places to be locked in, people to see, things to ... find. Why are you here for me? I am no one special.
* Elisandra declines to comment.
<+Salov> My lady, the high priestess of Zanxia thinks that you are, and that is why she has sent me here.
<>Ambiance<> Zanxia... the goddess of Magic... You don't like the sound of that...
* +Tajna is taken by surprise by the mention of a deity. "I see. Well, the last time someone argued contrary to her orders, the outcome was not pretty. I happen to enjoy life to a degree. If I must come, I will."
I sense your unease... On my honor as a Knight, no harm will come to you while you are in my company, lady Tanja, I swear it to you.
<+Tajna> It's not that I fear harm, Sir Knight. I am much more than I appear. There are things some people just do not prefer to be around.
<+Salov> I mean no disrespect, for you do indeed appear formidable, but if you were no more than you appeared, My Lady would likely not have interest in meeting with you.
* Elisandra watches the exchange without comment, a yawn escaping her mouth. This was rather early, after all.
<+Salov> Shall we go? I would prefer to slip out of town under cover of darkness, and we must collect your things before we leave.
* +Tajna -Of all the deities to require my presence... If I ran, would I get away?- Sorry to bore you. I would like to get out of the hell-hole and currently you seem to be my ticket, Knight. Lead on.
<+Elisandra> "Heh... Slippin' out under cover of darkness, are we? Why's that?..."
* +Tajna bites her tongue.
* Salov If you must know, the Prince you recently tangled with is unaware of our little "arrangement" with the Sheriff to let you keep your pretty little neck... do I need to explain further?
* Elisandra chuckles. "No, not at all."
<+Tajna> "If we are to make this escape, shouldn'e we go?
<+Salov> *Turns to Elisandra* Your equipment, unfortunately, is no longer here, as you've been in here longer than she. We have, however, brought along a few things which we believe will suit you. Anyway, we should be going.
<+Salov> Please, follow my soliders, I will bring up the rear.
<+Elisandra> "Eh... Alright. As long as you've got a steady longsword in there, and a few knives or somethin', it should be fine."
* +Tajna looks from the Knight to the soldiers. Knowing she had no choice, she left the cell and fell in line, keeping one eye on him. The girl, well, she would see.
<+Salov> You will find what you require in the wagon.
* Elisandra eyes Tajna, but doesn't spend too much time on her, instead turning back to the more important matter at hand.
<+Elisandra> "Alright."
<>Ambiance<> The group begins proceeding down the hall.
* Elisandra follows along.
* +Tajna walks behind the soldiers, watching corners, doors and such as they move.
* Elisandra stretches idly as they walk, yawning again.
<>Ambiance<> The group reaches the end of the hall without incident. At the end of the hall stands an obviously lower level solider, who holds Tanja's equipment.
<+Soldier> Here is your equipment m'lady. I believe you will find it all here
* Elisandra glances over at the mentioned equipment.
* +Tajna inspects everything quite closely, making sure every inch was as it was when she was brought to this god awful place.
<+Salov> ...except for one of your lockpicks, Lady Tanja, but I think you know where that is *grins*
<+Tajna> Of course... it is where it should be. Everything looks as it was before this misunderstanding.
* Elisandra chuckles at that. "Lockpickin', eh? I never was any good at that."
<+Tajna> Useful talent, it is. Especially when things aren't to your liking.
<+Elisandra> "Sure sounds like it."
* +Tajna carefully stows things where they belong and nods to the Knight. "I have yet to learn your name. Perhaps sometime soon, while we are leaving this place?"
<+Salov> My name, lady Tanja, is Captian Salov. And now, if everything appears satisfactory... *pauses*
<+Salov> The wagon awaits outside. Both of you may change and inspect your things further there. It's a bit of a ride up to the Temple. If you wish, each of you may sleep in the back, or ride up front with me.
<+Tajna> I will ride up with you. There is no way I will be able to sleep in a moving wagon.
<+Elisandra> "Eh, I'm awake by now."
<+Salov> Very well then, lets be off
<+Elisandra> "Yeah."
* Elisandra follows, when they start moving.
* +Tajna shrugs and follows, fingering her dagger while they walked. -I do not want to meet this deity. I do not want to be anywhere near this temple of hers.-
<+Elisandra> -Well, hell, at least I ain't still locked up in that dungeon.-
* Salov Climbs up to the front of the wagon, then offers a hand down to Elisandra to help her up
* Elisandra hops up without help.
* +Tajna climbs up the other side and sits down.
* Salov thinks... I expected she'd do that... I bet Tanja wont accept help up either... nope, women these days are so independent... Perhaps that’s not really a bad thing.
<>Ambiance<> With everyone loaded up in the wagon, including about a half dozen soldiers, Salov gives the reigns a shake, and the wagon gets underway
<>Ambiance<> As the wagon moves through the city, and more light intermittently shines on Salov's face as they pass some lanterns, it becomes clear that Salov is not fully human, but, rather, a half-elf.
* Elisandra doesn't really care what race he is.
* +Tajna watches as the town passed them. She looks over at the girl, human, and seemingly okay with what was going on. She then looked at the knight and wondered what was really going on. As far as she was concerned, there wasn't a god or goddess she would care to notice her. And wanted to know who this guy really was.
* Elisandra peers into the wagon, looking for whatever gear they'd gotten for her.
<>Ambiance<> Elisandra finds a cloak of the same color that she used to wear, a backpack, a waterskin, a double sash, filled with 10 throwing daggers, a belt, and a finely crafted longsword. It all looks very much like her old equipment, and yet it isn't. She also finds something in the equipment that she recognizes, something that WAS hers... a small stone that appears to change colors depending upon how the light shines upon it.
<+Tajna> So, Captain Salov, how did you come to be the deliverer?
<+Salov> I simply obey the orders of my lady, the high priestess. She has been good to me and to my family... You know yourself, as a person of both elven and human blood, it can be hard to be accepted by either race...
* +Tajna nods. "Very much so. It is nice that you have someone looking out for you."
* Elisandra breathes a great sigh of relief upon seeing the stone - perhaps her only possession of any real worth. She picks it up quickly, holding it for a moment. She'd thought she might never see the thing again... Hell, it was far too useful to lose. Normally, people like her didn't get to own things like this...
<>Ambiance<> Tanja, finds that nearly all her equipment is indeed present. Cloak, Backpack, Watterskin, Daggar Sash (10 Daggars) Short Sword, Scabbard, Belt, the remaining thieves tools, and a small belt pouch. Her makeup kit, however, appears to be missing...
<+Tajna> What the? Where the hell is my makeup kit?
<+Salov> Ay, yes, sorry, I had forgotten. Apologies, lady Tanja, it was... well, virtually destroyed during your capture. We'll get you a replacement from town in the morning.
* +Tajna growls. "Lovely"
* Elisandra slips the stone in a pocket of hers, next pulling out the longsword. She draws it about a foot and inspects the metal.
<+Tajna> "I'll be back. I want out of these clothes and into something I am more comfortable in."
* Salov notices Elisandra looking at the sword and comments " I think you'll like it"
<+Salov> It was made by the dwarf brothers Hindel and Schmindel. They are our finest craftsmen. We're rather lucky to have them in our employ... very few dwarves in the world nowadays...
* Elisandra grins. "Nice. Truly nice." She resheathes the blade, grabs the sword belt, and belts it on.
* +Tajna listens on as she changes her clothing. She found what she needed. Light, moveable and breathable. She debated whether to join or to continue listening.
<+Salov> The lady takes care of those who lend her aid, even if it is only temporary aid.
-Hell, they've given me my magic stone back, and provided me a pretty high quality blade... This could turn out bett-- nah. Got to be a terrible catch. Meh, whatever, no reason to sweat it yet. Just gotta keep my eyes and ears open.-
* The implication is clearly not lost on Elisandra. "I see."
* Salov wonders to himself why on Arland the lady would seek out these two. The human girl seems nice, but she's just a young girl, and the half-elf... Half-elves were, in general, the life blood of Zanxia's worship, but this one seemed... paranoid, almost, wild...
<+Tajna> "How much longer until we get there? -So I can prepare myself-
* Elisandra unsheathes a throwing dagger and examines it.
<>Ambiance<> The daggers appear good quality. Better than average. They may not win any craftsmanship awards, but they'll do their job admirably.
<>Ambiance<> The wagon has been traveling nearly 30 minutes now
<+Salov> not much longer. Perhaps 10 minutes or so. It's not far out of town, as you probably know.
<+Tajna> "Yeah...though I am usually trying to stay on the other side of town." *climbs back up front*
<+Tajna> "...Better, um, livelihood on that side."
<+Elisandra> "Ehehe."
<>Ambiance<> The wagon rounds a corner, and the temple comes into view just as the sun begins to shed light upon it.
<+Elisandra> "Heh, indeed. Not bad at all." She resheathes it, and gathers up the rest of the gear.
* Elisandra looks over at Salov.
* +Tajna stares at the temple and feels herself slightly shudder.
<+Elisandra> "So. What's the catch?" Her voice is serious, but it's not hostile.
<>Ambiance<> The temple is carved right into the side of a large marble cliff. It's... huge, like nothing you have ever seen before.
* Elisandra gives it a cursory glance, not impressed by the grandeur.
<+Salov> Catch? If there is indeed a "catch" I am unaware of what it is. In fact, I don't even know why she wanted me to bring the both of you here so badly.
* +Tajna swallows, watching the temple loom over them. "Neither do I. I think I am going to sit int eh back for a minute or two."
<+Elisandra> "Us getting sprung, and me getting all this stuff to account for what I lost? Sorry, but life ain't this nice. There's got to be something' expected in return."
<>Ambiance<> About this time, you notice another wagon coming up the path from behind at a slightly faster clip. It pulls alongside.
* Elisandra looks at the contents of the other wagon.
<+Salov> I would expect she wants some service or other from you, yes? Or perhaps just a deal of some kind, I do not... (his voice is shouted down by sounds from the other wagon)
* +Tajna -Zanxia...Magic... there's always a catch. Always.-
<>Ambiance<> The first sound is a sound of LOUD snoring...
* +Tajna jumps slightly, then realizing what the noise was and berates herself. "This should be interesting."
<+Kasparov> Hail Salov. I see you had no trouble getting the ladies from the jail.
<+Salov> None, Kasparov. And I HEAR you had no trouble getting the professor (grins)
* Elisandra facepalms.
<+Kasparov> There's really no need to rub it in old man...
<+Tajna> What or who on earth snores that loudly? And can sleep in a moving wagon above all things?
<+Elisandra> "Hell if I know."
<+Salov> That would be a gnome... one, professor Wimji, professor of history at the local college
<+Tajna> "So what would a goddess want with us and a gnome of"
<>Ambiance<> The wagons near the gate of the temple... castle... fortress... it appears to be all 3 at once... none of you ever realized just how big this area was until now
<+Salov> I am as ignorant of that as you are m'lady, but I expect that is about to change.
<+Elisandra> "Yeah... I guess we'll find out..."
* +Tajna just stares at the door.
<+Kasparov> It looks like the other wagon is here too. Hopefully that means that Aleric will be here as well
<>Ambiance<> The wagons pass the gate... a gate which looks like it could withstand a fairly powerful attack... and come to a halt near the entrance to the temple.
<>Ambiance<> As you rode through the compound, you noticed the eyes of many people upon you. Most of them half elves, but humans, dwarves, gnomes, and even a halfling or two could be seen.
<+Salov> Well, we're here... Please wake the professor Kasparov.
<+Kasparov> Professor, we're here...
* +Wimji rolls over and continues to sleep.
<+Kasparov> Professor, WE‘RE HERE...
* +Wimji still doesn't wake.
* Kasparov Shakes Wimji and says "Hey professor, free ale over at Kelly's"
* +Wimji mumbles "Make it a double." and continues to sleep.
* Elisandra snickers.
* Kasparov Shakes Wimji and says "Hey professor... Salov and me we're having this argument about crossbows... he says a repeating crossbow is impossible and I say it's not..."
<+Tajna> You know, if we could find a nice cold bucket of water, I am sure the professor would get up.
<+Wimji> A repeating crossbow? You bet its possible! I can prove it to you.
* +Wimji pulls out her crossbow.
<+Wimji> Do you like it? I designed it myself, of course.
* Elisandra peers at the crossbow.
<+Wimji> I call it the Cho-ko-nu.
<+Kasparov> Like it, I love it, but, you know what? I bet my lady would love it even more. Would you like to show it to her?
<+Salov> What the hell... a repeating crossbow... can I see that?
<+Wimji> I would be delighted! Show me the way.
<+Elisandra> "More of a knife thrower myself, but danm, repeating crossbow sure sounds useful."
<+Kasparov> Ladies, would you care to follow?
<+Tajna> "Well, if it okay with you guys, I will watch the wagons while you go show 'the lady' the bow."
* Kasparov frowns. (Salov is not paying attention, but rather questioning Wimji about that crossbow)
<+Tajna> "Come on, don't you know the rule...Never leave your wagon unattended."
* Elisandra hops out of the cart, landing gracefully.
<+Kasparov> Lady Tanja, I promise you no harm would come to you. I'm sure the lady would come down to meet you here... but she is no longer able to leave the tower.
<+Kasparov> The wagons are in no danger here in our temple. Please?
* +Tajna looks at the temple doors and bites her lip. --You can do this Tajna. Come on, just because it is a temple to a goddess of magic doesn't mean there will be magic flying about.--
<+Wimji> You see, it can launch ten bolts easily and quickly. Accuracy and strength isn't the best, but I'm hoping to improve that with future models.
* Elisandra whistles. "Ten... Nice. About how long for you to fire all ten, with something resembling accuracy?"
* +Tajna slowly slips down the back of the wagon, eyes always on the doors. She takes a deep breath on musteers a nod at Kasparov
<+Wimji> In trained hands, its as fast as you can throw those daggers.
<+Wimji> It's also easy to use too!
<+Elisandra> "Heh. Think you could get it faster than that?"
<+Elisandra> "I mean, that's a big thing to carry around, I'd want something that can outperform my daggers if I was going for a weapon like that."
<+Tajna> "Can we please just get this over with. Please."
* Kasparov is trying to herd people up the stairs gently
* Salov is trying to see if he can hold the weapon for a minute
<+Wimji> With just a few tweaks, I can make it even faster. They're in development.
* +Tajna climbs the stairs, concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other, looking at nothing in particular.
<+Elisandra> "Can you keep accuracy with those, tho'?"
<+Wimji> Of course I can!
<+Elisandra> "I might need to learn how to fire one of those things eventually then, heh..."
* +Tajna hums to herself, trying to block out how this place makes her feel
<+Wimji> Ah yes! My assistance was needed here. I suppose I should see why the lady needs to see me.
<>Ambiance<> The group slowly moves up the tower. Some discussing crossbows, one wishing they were anywhere but here, and one thinking how hot this half elf chick is and why salov could possibly be more interested in a crossbow than this girl...
<>Ambiance<> Eventually the group reaches the top.
<+Tajna> " we open the door, knock, talk?"
<>Ambiance<> As the last of the group reaches the door to the meeting room, the door magically opens, and a beautiful voice from inside the room says "Welcome friends. I have been waiting for you. Please come inside and make yourselves comfortable.
<+Elisandra> -Yeeep, too good to be true. Catch is a comin' right up.-
<>Ambiance<> End Session One.

Ragnus - Lord “that’s Mr. Thorne to you” Thorne; All other characters - George “Underdog” Cockrell

Note: Thorne threw a spanner into the works when he decided to chase after Elena, forcing me to pull a character (Elena) out of thin air.

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<>Ambiance<> Begin Session Two
<>Ambiance<> With the "main group" about to come face to face with the High Priestess of Zanxia, we shift focus to the "elf group" for a while.
<>Ambiance<> Chief among this group are Eltiana, a Sylvan (native) elf priestess of Ullr, god of Hunting, Archery, and Winter, and her Nephew, Ragnus, an elf of mixed Sylvan and High Elf Blood.
<>Ambiance<> Having spent a few hundred years working her way into the position of priestess, Eltiana was finally granted permission to take some time off to visit her sister, Ariana, and her Nephew Ragnus, who live in Arland's largest forest, the Durianeth forest which lay a few hundred miles away to the south.
<>Ambiance<> After spending a couple of years there, largely trying to "educate" these off world elves about the importance of honoring Arland's native gods in addition to their own, especially the gods of the seasons, it was finally time for her to return to her own people. With her group ride over a dozen pilgrims who have been swayed by her “back to nature” teachings.
<>Ambiance<> Ariana's husband (Ragnus' Father) died a few years back. She considered moving back "home" with her Sylvan kin at that time, but chose instead to stay on with the High Elves in Durianeth, mainly because that was where Ragnus' friends and associates were, and she didn't want to uproot him.
<>Ambiance<> Now that Ragnus was finally grown, she decided it was time to at least visit home again, and she also felt it would be a good thing for Ragnus to learn about the other half of his heritage, something that also interested Ragnus.
<>Ambiance<> And so, for the last several days, our little group has been traveling, in no particular hurry, to the north on horseback. They have been hunting and foraging for their meal needs, and generally taking their time to explore the wilds that dominated most of eastern Arland in this time.
<>Ambiance<> The group has just reached Sylvanus, the largest forest in the north of Arland. Nestled up against the Weather Mountians to the west, it stretched from northern Cardolan in the southwest, north and east into huge portions the wilds of Perianeth, a land mostly home to the Rock Gnomes and Halflings.
<>Ambiance<> The forest itself, not surprisingly, was home of the Sylvan (native to Arland) elves, and also to an ever growing population of Forest Gnomes, who were staunch allies to the Sylvan Elves.
<>Ambiance<> The group is still at least a weeks ride from home, because the small forest of Greenguard lay on the West side of the mountains, and was only accessible by going around the mountains to the west side and then up the narrow paths to the top, the group had stoped at a Sylvan encampment for the night
<>Ambiance<> It is now, an hour or so after dawn, and the group is just about to wake for the day.
<>Ambiance<> *** Important: Time Placement - This takes place a few days AFTER the Main Group's meeting with the High Priest of Zanxia, NOT concurrently!- ***

* +Eltiana wakes up, stretching her limbs and breathing in the cool morning air.
<>Ambiance<>Eltiana is an elf of obviously sylvan blood. She has lightly tanned skin that is covered with many tattoos honoring the season, particularly that of winter as would befit a priestess of Ullr. She also has long, flowing coppery-red hair and deep blue eyes (rare among sylvan elves, and considered a good omen) .
* +Ragnus awakes, sits up and takes a look around at the encampment in the morning light
<>Ambiance<> Ragnus looks like a typical high elf. He is rather good looking, even for an elf. He has brown eyes, and blond hair.
*+Ariana hears someone stirring and awakens as well
<>Ambiance Ariana is a typical sylvan elf. She has blond hair, brown eyes, and long, blond hair.
<+Eltiana> Good morning everyone
<+Eltiana> You know, I'd almost forgotten how much I missed the feel of the cool air coming off the mountains in the morning
<+Ariana> Really sis? I thought about it all the time... It's one of the things I missed most.
* +Ragnus nods to Eltiana "Good morning to you as well" stands up and nods to his mother "Sleep well?"
<+Ariana> Yes Ragnus, I did.
<+Ariana> So, what do you think of Sylvanus now that you've seen it? It's rather different than back home isn't it?
* +Eltiana gets up and starts unpacking some food to cook for breakfast.
<+Ragnus> Quite, its very refreshing though.
* +Ragnus looks around at the others in the camp
<+Ragnus> Anything I can help with Eltiana?
<+Eltiana> Sure... actually... would you mind making breakfast this morning? I thought I'd go out hunting for lunch if it's ok.
<+Eltiana> There's no need to leave early today. I want to stop just up the road and visit with an old friend. The journey is only a few hours ride.
<+Ragnus> I would rather hunt, but I do believe I brought along some supplies, I can definitely handle that I believe
<+Ragnus> You would probably have better luck at the hunt than I
<+Ariana> Tell you what... why don't I make breakfast.
<+Ariana> Take Ragnus with you Tia, he might learn a thing or two from you.
<+Ragnus> Sounds good, if you are sure.
<+Ariana> I am sure son *kisses him on the cheek*
<+Eltiana> Very well then, it's decided. Grab your bow, Ragnus, and lets get going.
* +Ragnus heads to his mount, takes his bow, a quiver and waterskin.
* +Ragnus also tucks a dagger in his belt
* +Eltiana grabs her bow and says "Follow me"
* +Ragnus follows Eltiana
* +Eltiana leads the way up into the hills.
<+Eltiana> You know, I'm glad that you weren't scared off of hunting by what happened to your father.
<+Eltiana> A lot of youngsters would have been, especially among the elves of the mist.
<+Ragnus> Well to be quite honest, part of me wishes to find that monster that took him from us
<+Ragnus> But... part of me.. hopes I never have to face such an abomination. Only time will tell I suppose.
<+Ragnus> and I'll never find out sitting around the old village
* +Eltiana looks at him curiously. You know trolls are not to be taken lightly... It's damn odd that he would run into one in the forest though.
<+Eltiana> You may get your chance to face a troll, Ragnus, but not yet I hope.
<+Ragnus> I hope so as well. Plus my father was a brilliant hunter, I hope someday to be as good as he.
<+Eltiana> Stick with me a while and I expect you will be.
* +Eltiana smiles.
<+Ragnus> Have you ever seen one? A troll.. that is?
<+Eltiana> I have not, and I hope that I never do.
<+Eltiana> You are unlikely to find one where we are going, I daresay. They don't like it up in the mountains. Too cold for them.
<+Eltiana> In fact, you are unlikely to find much of anything but game and elves up there. No one ever disturbs us much. We're the forest on the road to nowhere, your mother used to say.
* +Ragnus nods in agreement
<>Ambiance<> The twosome reaches their destination.
<+Eltiana> We're here.
* +Ragnus checks the area for any signs of recent game moving through the area
<+Eltiana> Time for us to be quiet now, but let me say this first. I expect that you will one day be a far better hunter than your father. It's the Sylvan part of your heritage. If you decide to stay with us a while, I'll help you where I can.
<+Eltiana> It's no secret that I wasn't a big fan of your fathers... he took my Ariana away from me, and Ariana was my best friend as well as my sister... It took me a long time to stop being mad at him over that... but he was a good person, and his son is obviously a good person as well.
* +Ragnus nods and thinks about his father's lessons early in life. as he looks about the ground
* +Ragnus noticing some deer tracks, heads in their direction, making sure to not move too far from Eltiana, and make as little noise as possible
<+Eltiana> Deer tracks, very nice. We'll make a hunter out of you yet (whispered)
<+Ragnus> (whisper) They seem moderately fresh, but he could be a good distance from us.
<+Eltiana> (whispered) I think he's closer than you think. It's definitely a male from the tracks too.
<>Ambiance<> The two track the deer for a few minutes, then they come to a place where the tracks are mingled in with various other tracks...
* +Ragnus crouches and looks to Eltiana, nods (whisper)"perhaps you can make some sense of this?"
<+Eltiana> (whispered) Yes lad. There are two sets of deer tracks here, as you can see... the question is, which is the fresher...
* +Ragnus nods and looks again at the tracks, in an attempt to determine which would be our buck
<+Eltiana> (whispered) Which do you think is the one we are tracking?
<+Ragnus> (whisper) These seem a bit deeper, more likely our male, and somewhat close correct?
<+Eltiana> (whisper) Very good.
* +Ragnus moves in the direction of the new tracks, listening closely and making every attempt to make as little noise as possible
<+Eltiana> (whisper) It's been a while since I hunted these woods... its a bit far from home, but, I believe there is a watering hole in that direction, which is likely where he is headed.
* +Ragnus nods and whispers "Nearby?"
* +Eltiana stops abruptly, putting her hand out to stop Ragnus as well
* +Eltiana points to where 8 points of Buck can be seen over the vegetation.
* +Eltiana slowly motions for Ragnus to ready his bow, and the general direction for where she wishes him to aim.
* +Ragnus reaches back slowly to ready his bow, looks to Eltiana for the go ahead
* +Ragnus raises silently, taking aim at the behest of Eltiana, hoping to make her proud.
* +Ragnus just enough to get a solid bead on the prey.
* +Ragnus knocks the arrow takes aim watching the deer carefully and takes the shot.
* +Eltiana crouches down and picks up a rock. She studies the layout of the surrounding lands, trying to ascertain the direction in which the deer will likely run if she gets the rock exactly where she wants it... she decides she has it right... in a blur of motion she lets loose the rock and readies her bow...
<>Ambiance<> The deer begins to run when the rock strikes home. Arrows from Ragnus and then Eltiana fly.
<>Ambiance<> Ragnus' first Arrow strikes the deer, slowing it's pace, but his next two arrows miss wildly. Eltiana's first arrow narrowly misses, but her second and last one brings down the deer just as he is about to run out of range.
* +Ragnus smiles to Eltiana as her shot brings down the prey
<+Ragnus> Good that you were here, you will have to teach me that trick with the rock sometime
<+Eltiana> Of course, Ragnus, I'd be glad to
<+Eltiana> That was a good first shot at least.
* +Ragnus walks to the fallen deer, proud of the kill. "Been a long time since I've done that, usually just stick to small game."
<+Eltiana> Lets go make sure he's dead
* +Ragnus approaching the deer checking for signs of movement or breathing, "Yes, thank you, father always said I had a knack for shooting, we would spend hours doing target practice back home"
<+Eltiana> It shows Ragnus, it shows
<+Ragnus> Unfortunately those targets don't move I suppose
<+Eltiana> No, they don't...
<>Ambiance<> You reach the deer. He's dead
<+Eltiana> Would you mind eviscerating him and getting him ready for us to carry back? I'll go collect our arrows.
* +Ragnus kneels down by the beast gently touching the side of his neck and begins preparing it for moving, checking for his first arrow, finding it crushed beneath the animal. "No problem Eltiana, thank you"
<+Eltiana> I'll make sure everyone knows what a big part you played in providing a good lunch.
* +Eltiana smiles
<+Ragnus> I would have been eating fish if not for you
* +Ragnus laughs uneasily to himself
* +Eltiana finds both of Ragnus's arrows that missed, as well as one of hers, and goes over to help Ragnus finish getting the deer onto the carrying poles.
* +Ragnus cleans his dagger and replaces it in his belt and does his best to secure the animal, confident with his completed task
* +Eltiana notes that upon her return, the deer is already eviscerated and ready to be tied to the carrying poles
<+Eltiana> Well done, that was quick
* +Eltiana kneels down and beings tying his legs to the poles
<+Ragnus> Well, its not a squirrel, but I do have some experience (chuckling)
<+Eltiana> You'll get plenty of practice once we get home, especially during the winter.
<+Eltiana> Hunting is a part of our life. We do it not for sport, but to survive during the winter.
<+Eltiana> We use nearly every part of the animal as we have done for generations.
<+Ragnus> I would like to keep the antlers, perhaps I can find some use for them and to remember this outing, that is if you do not mind
<+Eltiana> You may have the antlers. The hide and bones we will use to provide clothing and armor.
<+Eltiana> Ullr provides the game and tells us: "Hunt it wisely and I will provide, hunt it recklessly and I will not."
<+Ragnus> A good philosophy indeed. I suppose greed only leads to spoiled meat and wasted life
* +Ragnus nods and helps to finish securing the animal. "Shall we head back to camp?"
<+Eltiana> Yes, lets.
<+Eltiana> We will leave the bones and hide behind for the people who live here, of course. No sense carrying them back with us.
* +Ragnus gathers his bow, fills his waterskin at the nearby watering hole, kneels down taking the poles in hand and dragging the carcass back to camp
* +Eltiana also fills her waterskin, then assists Ragnar
<>Ambiance<> The two reach camp with the deer without incident.
* +Ragnus smelling breakfast "Smells good mother, I have a feeling we will be eating well today for sure"
* Ariana smiles and blushes a little.
<+Eltiana> Your mom always was a great cook.
* +Ragnus drags the deer and poles to a clearing used for dressing and preparing the animal, placing it down and heading towards his mother
* Ariana smiles and blushes a lot.
<>Ambiance<> The other elves in the traveling party come down to breakfast as well, none of them wanting to miss out on one of Ariana's breakfasts. They never missed out when it was her turn to cook.
<>Ambiance<> The elves all sit down to a lovely breakfast, and talk among themselves.
* +Ragnus hurriedly grabs a plate and sits a short distance from the main party.
* +Ragnus listens in on the conversations of the others
* +Eltiana latches on to Ariana a little
<+Eltiana> You know, that son of yours really is a pretty good shot... no really, he'd make a fine hunter some day... It must be the sylvan elf in him. I’ll turn him into a proper sylvan elf, just you wait..
* +Eltiana addresses one of the young elf girls in the party, Elena, a young servant/apprentice elf. “No Ellena, I don't require anything today, thank you.”
* Elena says "As you wish my lady" and wanders off.
<+Eltiana> Yeah, she's really a quiet girl.... I'm surprised you haven't asked about her before... Yeah, she's been really quiet the whole time since we left Greenguard, almost invisible sometimes... She thinks she wants to be a priestess some day, but I don‘t know... My high priestess sent her with me to sort of "job shadow" for a while... I'm really not sure she's fit to be a priestess... It’s hard to say for sure though, because the girl is so young yet…
* +Ragnus takes notice of Elena as she walks away from his aunt
<+Eltiana> Oh she's a nice enough girl, and I really like her...and I can't say I'm not glad to have her... It's pretty rare that a low level priestess like me would be given someone like her, even temporarily... I just don't know if she has the personality for it, if you know what I mean, and her archery skills are rather lacking… perhaps she’ll prove worthy of being a priestess of Iduna… Yes, she’s still young enough to be a priestess of the Spring goddess, which, frankly, she seems a better fit for.
<>Ambiance<> Time passes, and the late breakfast comes to an end
<+Eltiana> Let me clean up sis
I'll help
* +Ragnus rises and looks for this ellena
<+Eltiana> No, no, nonsesne, you made breakfast
<+Ariana> Only because you were out hunting.... (the conversation trails off)
<>Ambiance<> Ragnus finds Elena sitting up in a tree, aparently lost in thought.
* +Ragnus approaches Elena's tree "so you know Eltiana long?"
<>Ambiance<> To Ragnus' surprise, Elena does not appear startled, and seemingly knew he was there all the time.
<>Ambiance<> Elena is an especially pretty sylvan elf. She has long, flowing coppery hair, and Green eyes. She’s very quiet, nearly always keeping to herself.
<+Elena> If you mean how long have I known her well, only since we traveled down to your lands.
<+Elena> The high priest assigned me to be her aid while she was gone.
<+Elena> Personally, I think he only did it to get rid of me.
<+Ragnus> I noticed everyone seems so formal around her, to me she is just plain old Aunti Elti (chuckle)
<+Ragnus> Why would you think that? I mean, one never knows with dusty old priests, but surely he must have thought you could learn something?
<+Elena> Oh, I know. Believe me.
<+Elena> He's never liked me, even back to when I was a small child.
<+Elena> You see, he doesn't like "half breeds"
<+Ragnus> oh, well maybe you're right then. Seem like an ok enough person to me, and Elti seems to think rather highly of you.
<+Ragnus> Best of both worlds I say. not too many agree with that though. So you are half sylvan and?
<>Ambiance<> You don't detect any human in her... then it hits you... it means interbreeding between the various elf races!
<>Ambiance<> Now it makes sense why the girl is so quiet...
<+Elena> I'm part Grey Elf.
<+Elena> Only one-fourth, but it's enough that he doesn't like me.
<+Ragnus> I see
<+Elena> He'd never say it in words, of course, but he doesn't have to. He blames people like me for all the wars eons ago.
<+Elena> I don't know why I'm telling you all this. I'm sure you have better things to do than listen to a whiny little girl like me.
<>Ambiance<> From her eyes, you can see that she isn't saying that for sympathy, she means it.
<+Ragnus> If you would like to be alone, I could go find something else to do.
<+Ragnus> I just thought perhaps I could learn a little more about where we are going. Chances are your boss wouldn't care for me either.
<>Ambiance<> The girl seems unsure. You sense that she would like to talk more, but she doesn't want to bother someone as important as you either.
<+Elena> Oh, he won't like you either.
<+Ragnus> Maybe I won't like him, eh (chuckle)
<+Elena> He even gave Eltiana a hard time for a while because your mom left to marry to another race.
<+Elena> From traveling with your aunt the last few years, I can tell that your mom leaving was not something she approved of, and that she would have stopped it if she felt she could, yet still she was looked down upon because of it.
<+Ragnus> Yeah, father used to joke a bit about the "dusty old priests" back in mom's home. He never was a big fan I guess
<+Elena> It had to have been hard for Lady Eltiana to both deal with your sister leaving, and then being punished for something she didn't agree with too.
<+Ragnus> They punished her for mother's actions?
<+Elena> Not openly, just in his treatment of her. And not "they", just him.
<+Ragnus> I see, makes sense why I've never seen her much growing up.
<+Elena> Of course, I'm only telling you what I've heard. It mostly all happened before I was born or while I was very small.
<+Ragnus> What about the other people back in your home? Do they share his feelings on "half breeds"
<+Elena> Some do... I wouldn't worry much though. The ones that do generally have the good sense not to blame the children.
<+Elena> Plus, you're a high elf... they aren't so against high elves.
<+Ragnus> I suppose that is something to look forward to. Really never left our home, I have mixed feelings about all this.
<+Elena> It's us elves of the Light that they dislike so much. The Grey Elves and the Light Elves. <+Ragnus> yeah Grey Elves aren't held in too high regards, well except with other grey elves. (chuckle)
<+Ragnus> You seem alright to me, and I’ve never met one, so far so good eh.
<+Elena> The Grey and Light elves still practice magic to a high degree, you know. Not just the simple spells that even you high elves use, but the really powerful ones. Some people still blame magic for all the ills that befell this land you know.
<+Elena> Stupid, narrow minded people. It's like blaming the dagger in your back, rather than the thief who sprang from the shadows and planted it there.
<+Ragnus> Most of what I have heard of magic is mostly stories from the elders. It all seems so surreal. I am sure there is some level of merit to their fears, but you could well be right that it is misplaced.
<+Ragnus> Perhaps we should prepare to move? I bet the others are wondering where we are.
* Elena sighs "You are probably right"
* +Ragnus waits for Elena to continue the conversation on the way back to camp
<+Ragnus> So.. do you.... practice?
* Elena laughs. “Practice? Magic? No... don‘t be absurd! If I was practicing magic, I’d hardly be traveling around as a priestess’ servant, now would I?”
<+Ragnus> I guess not. It’s probably for the best you don’t I suppose, Old Dusty would probably hang ya out to dry for sure if he knew
<+Elena> Probably, and that would ruin my life. All I've ever wanted to be a priestess, and a healer, since I was just a little girl.
<+Elena> I wish I could use magic, but I'll simply have to settle for doing the work of the gods I suppose. If I'm lucky.
<+Ragnus> Do you know much of your Grey Elf background? I hear they are quite learned.
<+Elena> Not as much as I wish I did. I know some from grandma's stories of course.
<+Ragnus> Perhaps you'll have to share some of them on our trip.
<+Elena> ...perhaps, we shall see
<+Elena> You know, between you and me, at first, I didn't like your aunt much. She wasn't exactly... in favor of "cross breeds" either, but, spending time with your people, and, well, you, has changed her opinion to some degree…
<>Ambiance<> The two arrive at camp
* +Ragnus looks around for his aunt and mother, and checks on the status of the deer.
<+Ariana> There you two are... You've been gone for hours. Where have you been?
<+Elena> Do not blame Ragnus, lady. I was lost in these strange woods. Your son found me and brought me back to camp.
<+Ragnus> We were talking, not her fault. I was just curious about her and where we are headed
<+Ragnus> I was busy, enjoying the scenery, so to speak (chuckle)
* Ariana eyes Elena. “I suppose you were trying to lie for my son out of friendship or nobility, so I'll overlook it and not mention it to my sister.”
<+Ragnus> How long until we break camp and move on?
* Elena eyes Ragnus and wonders why he said that... being honest after what she said only caused more trouble than harm.
<+Elena> Thank you lady Ariana *bows*
<+Ariana> Well, if you want some of that deer... both of you I suppose... you better go get it now. We'll be leaving after everyone is finished eating.
* +Ragnus nods and heads over to get something to eat, sitting just within listening range of the rest of the party. thinking about his conversation with Elena
<+Ariana > In your case, Elena, I'd think you'd better check in with my sister first and see if she needs you to help her pack.
* Elena departs and does as she is told.
<>Ambiance<> Ragnus finds a couple of stragglers finishing dinner, and notices that, apparently, Elena got back a little late for lunch, as Eltiana sends he in to pack their stuff.
* +Ragnus finishes his lunch and seeks out Eltiana
<>Ambiance<> As Ragnus finishes his lunch, everyone else is ready to depart. His mother having packed his stuff for him while he ate.
<>Ambiance<> Ragnus finds Eltiana by her horse, ready to go.
<+Ragnus> Did you by chance save the rack?
<+Ragnus> I am sorry for taking so long to return, It is my fault Elena was so late, I was bothering her with questions about our destination.
<+Eltiana> Of course I saved the rack... and why would you bother the girl with questions like that when you could just ask me?
<+Eltiana> Oh, wait, never mind...
<+Eltiana> She's a pretty girl, that's why isn't it?
<+Ragnus> Part of it I guess. I also notice she is a bit different from many of the others. Something I can perhaps relate to.
<+Ragnus> And maybe I can relate to in her.
<+Eltiana> Hmm
* +Ragnus asks Eltiana for the rack "I suppose I should ready myself to go with some haste eh" He returns to his horse and places the rack in a cloth and puts it in his saddlebag.
<+Eltiana> Word of warning. She's different alright, but she's also a little odd. And I don't mean just because she's not a full blooded sylvan elf.
<+Eltiana> I like her. She’s been a good assistant, even somewhat of a friend, but there is something about her... I don't know. Perhaps it is nothing.
<+Eltiana> Nevertheless, mind my words and be careful around her.
<+Ragnus> Hmm, I will keep that in mind.
<>Ambiance<> The group is now all assembled on horseback, and is waiting only for Ragnus.
* +Ragnus mounts the horse and approaches the group ready to embark
<+Eltiana> Would you like to ride up front with me, or back with your mom?
<+Ragnus> Up front would be fine. I like to see where we're going.
<+Eltiana> Very well then
* +Eltiana starts her horse moving, and several of the others begin moving as well.
* +Ragnus takes his horse to ride slightly to the left and behind of his aunt, looking back to his mother and nodding, as well as looking for Elena.
<>Ambiance<> Elena rides at the back, head down.
<+Eltiana> The town we're headed to is an interesting place.
<+Ragnus> Oh?
<+Eltiana> Sits on a lake rather deep in the forest.
<+Eltiana> Maybe you can return the favor and teach me a little about fishing. Your mom tells me you are good at it.
<+Ragnus> Sounds wonderful. perhaps I can catch some time fishing while we are there.
<+Ragnus> I would be glad to, only fair.
<+Ragnus> Thank you for taking me hunting. I'm a decent cook, mother taught me a good deal, But to be honest I enjoy the hunt.
<+Eltiana> Have you ever met a forest gnome before?
<+Eltiana> I doubt you have
<+Ragnus> No, I have not.
<+Eltiana> They don't seem to live down in your forest, and you've never been far from home before.
<+Eltiana> As you know, we Sylvan elves rarely leave our forests.
<+Ragnus> I had heard that many live around these woods?
<+Eltiana> Of course. This woods is the birthplace of elves in this world. Goodness, your mother never told you even that that?
* +Eltiana shakes her head and shoots a disparaging look back at her sister.
<+Eltiana> Most of these elves will never leave this forest
<+Eltiana> They are born, live, and die here, and are glad of it. They wish no contact with the outside world as much as possible.
* +Ragnus nods listening intently to his aunt
<+Eltiana> Once I was like they were, but, as a low level acolyte, I was made sort of ambassador.
<+Eltiana> I hated it at first.
<+Ragnus> So that is why everyone is so formal all of the time.
<+Ragnus> And now?
<+Eltiana> I hated even the riding down from the west side of the mountains and across the narrow gap of open land to Sylvanus.
<+Eltiana> You know, there is a human saying... and there is very little I find appealing about dealing with humans, believe me... but, there is a saying they have: "Travel broadens the mind."
<+Eltiana> I guess I have come to accept a bit of other races beliefs. Well, of the elves and the gnomes anyway.
<+Eltiana> Not those rock gnomes, mind you, but the proper gnomes that share the forest here.
<+Eltiana> Why back when I...
<+Ragnus> and I take it you now believe that to be true?
* +Eltiana 's voice trails off
* +Eltiana gets a strange, cloudy look in her eyes...
<+Ragnus> what is it?!
* +Eltiana suddenly screams NO! NO!!!
* +Ragnus slows his horse, and looks about reaching back for his bow "What is it?"
* Elena rides forward quickly to Elitana's side, grabbing the reigns of her horse and bringing it to a stop.
<+Elena> My lady what's wrong?
<+Eltiana> Burning! The forest, my home, its BURNING NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
* +Eltiana slumps forward on her horse and loses conciousness
* +Ragnus jumps down to assist Eltiana "MOTHER!"
* Elena catches Eltiana before she falls, and Ariana jumps down and immediately runs to her sisters aid.
* Ariana shakes her sister "Tia, tia, what's wrong? Please wake up. Please be ok!"
<>Ambiance<> End Session 2


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