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More loggies.

Alleris - Allen; Elisandra - Taros; Tanja - Eukara; Wimji - Prudence Moon; All others - George "Underdog" Cockrell.

Session Start: Tue Mar 24 08:16:34 2009
Session Ident: #Arland
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<>Ambiance<> Begin Session 3.0
<>Ambiance<> Time Placement: This takes place several days before Session 1.
<>Ambiance<> Location: City of Arlington, Kelly's bar (a very large bar with live performances), late evening. The widely renown Bard Maximus Petulian has just finished a particularly entertaining performance and the bar is starting to clear out.
<>Ambiance<> Sitting over in one corner is a young fighter, dressed banded mail, who's name is Alleris. He's sharing a table with a few other patrons, all of which are somewhat more drunk than he is.
<>Ambiance<> One particularly drunk middle aged man addresses the young lad.
* Fanwick sets mode: +v Allen
<+Drunk> I don't emember seeing you around here before. Yer not from around here are ye laddie?
<+Alleris> "No, I'm afraid I’m not from around these parts, just traveling and stopping from place to place" he smiles brightly, despite his exterior appearance, betraying his age, and making him look younger than he should, he scratches his head, and puts down his ale after a moment.
<+Drunk> Traveling, ye say? On business or pleasure Mr... eh, what did ye say yer name was again?
<+Alleris> "The name is Alleris. I'm here on...well, I suppose neither, I travel quite a bit, picking up odd jobs or missions on available things the towns need done, think of it as a traveling mercenary that...doesn't always do things just for money."
<+Drunk#2> Mercenary? Odd place to find a mercenary. I'd not think Arlington's military would have to resort to hiring folks from the outside...
<+Alleris> "I find that to be true in many towns, as well. Though, if there's no work to be found, I just move to the next town, it's of little consequence." he smiles a bit and rubs the back of his neck "Besides, I can do other things as well."
<+Drunk#3> Yer not here to work for that *hic* witch outside of town are ya?
<+Alleris> "I'm certainly not. I’m not aware of any witch, either."
<+Drunk#2> Oh, she calls herself a priestess of some elf loving god or other, but...
<+Drunk#3> She ain't no proper priestess and that’s a fact John!
<+Alleris> "I see...Hummm, well. I'm not really here to meet her, whoever she is." he shrugs lightly, and takes a sip of his ail
<+Drunk#3> She’s been asking about town, trying to hire up folks recently, she has
<+Drunk#1> She *claims* the town is going to come under attack soon, or rather, her knights do
[21:29] <+Alleris> "Under attack, you said?" he perks up slightly, and considers for a moment, though being they seemed rather unfond of this woman, he makes no call to himself that this might interest him past mild curiosity.
<+Drunk#1> No one ever sees HER of course, she never leaves her tower anymore.
<+John> It wouldn't surprise me if she didn’t even exist. Maybe the knights just make her up.
<>Ambiance<> The drunks clearly find this thought amusing, and break out into laughter
<+Drunk#1> Oh, I expect she does exist though, right as rain, but whatever she is, she ain't no proper priestess, now that’s a fact.
<+Drunk#1> First off, she's an elf, they say, and not one of them proper Sylvan elves that live around here and keeps to themselves, nor one of them High elves that's sworn off the use of magic outside their forests.
* +Alleris considers all of this info for a moment, as well as the current state of the drunkards, though on the off chance some town WAS to come under attack, that'd be most troublesome when he knew he had skills to help. He stays quiet, for a moment “...I see, well. I'm not here to meet her, so no worries." Though, he DID consider looking into all of this deeper. Also, he doesn't seem all to fond of the fact that they care about her race.
<+Drunk#1> Lot of her men are elves or half-breeds. Anyway, I'd steer clear of her if I was you.
<+Alleris> "Mmm...I'll keep it in mind."
<>Ambiance<> The men all nod their heads in general agreement with the drunk that staying clear of her is a good idea.
<+John> So lad, you do look the part of a soldier... Have you seen many battles then?
<+Alleris> "I've seen my fair share of battles and fighting, indeed." He nods his head, and smiles a bit.
<+Drunk#3> So, lad, care to share a story about one of your adventures with us then? Old Maximus is done for the evening, but I've still got a bit of a hankering to hear another story.
<+Alleris> "Oh, well. I have lots of stories, I suppose. Let’s see..." He picks one, seemingly at random. "There was this small town a long time ago, always getting attacked by bandits and the like. They didn't have a lot of money, and I didn't feel right taking it, but they had the manpower, so I helped them set up proper defenses for the town to shove off the bandits in the future. I returned a while later to find that it all worked really well. Turns out they fought the bandits off completely, and I never had to get involved in direct combat. I wonder how they're doing, sometimes.” He yawns once. "I'm afraid my stories aren't that good."
<>Ambiance<> During the story, the nameless drunks, nod off, though John stays awake and seems interested. When the story finishes, he thanks Alleris, buys him a drink, wakes his friends, and prods them to go home.
* +Alleris thanks the man for the drink, and smiles a bit, taking a drink off of it, he seems to either drink slowly, or has a really good tolerance, seeming rather unfazed by the alcohol, though he drinks slower. "Have a good night, fellows"
<>Ambiance<> After the men depart, leaving Alleris alone at his table, a man from the table behind his approaches. The man is dressed in Field Plate Armor, and is obviously someone of some importance.
<+UnknownKnight> Excuse me... may I join you?
* +Alleris glances up to the man after a moment, and then smiles a bit "Uhhh, of course" he nods slightly, scratching his neck and taking a sip from his ale.
<+UnknownKnight> That story you told earlier, about the town you helped defend interested me.
<+UnknownKnight> You were telling the truth about that, I suppose? It wasn't something you just made up to entertain those scoundrels?
<+Alleris> "Oh? I see...I'm afraid I’m a rather bland storyteller... but yes, that story was entirely true." He chuckles lowly, smiles still. and then considers inwardly, they HAD mentioned knights...
<>Ambiance<> The Unknown knight turns back to his table. A robed figure at that table nods to him. You get the idea you might have just passed a "lie detector"
<+UnknownKnight> I see... And you are looking for work...
<~Fanwick> Let me introduce myself. My name is Major Fanwick, second in command of the Knights of the Church of Zanxia
<~Fanwick> I think, if you’re agreeable to it, we'd be interested in hiring you for a while.
<+Alleris> "I see. It's a pleasure to meet you, then." he remarks, with a slight smirk, and offers his hand for a friendly handshake "And, I would be interested in work, yes."
<~Fanwick> I would prefer it if we could talk about the terms elsewhere. As you could not have failed to notice earlier from your tablemates comments, not everyone around here is a big fan of ours. I have a private room over at the inn. Would you mind accompanying me there?
<+Alleris> "I see. That might be for the best, and I'd be willing to go along with that."
<~Fanwick> Alright then, follow me please.
* ~Fanwick gets up and starts to leave, his two companions at his table stand up and look as if they're going to follow after you.
* +Alleris stands up after a moment, his armor clinks, and he picks up his bag, hefting it over his shoulder and onto the shield resting comfortably upon his back, and he waits for Fanwick to begin moving.
* ~Fanwick continues moving towards the exit
* +Alleris follows after the knight, in relative silence.
<>Ambiance<> As you approach the bar, you note with some amusement that there is a gnome holding court with some of the patrons gathered around. She seems to be talking about a weapon of some kind or other.
<+BarPatron> Does it really work professor?
<+Alleris> "Interesting..." he mutters under his breathe, taking a moment to observe the entire scene.
<+Wimji> You bet it does! I have it right here. I'll show it to you if you like.
<+BarPatron#2> A repeating crossbow, I'll believe it when I see it.
<+Wimji> I'd demonstrate how it works, but this may not be the best environment to do so.
<+Bartender> Oi, woman, no weapons in here! Take that thing outside!
<+Alleris> "...A...repeating?" he narrows his eyes, paying particular attention despite it not being his field of fighting.
<+Wimji> Right then, everyone who's interested just follow me!
<~Fanwick> Hmm, interesting... Kasparov, why don't you go take a look at that thing... It could be useful…
<+Alleris> "I'd like to take a look as well." he considers, for a moment, and narrows his yes once more
<~Fanwick> Very well, what could it hurt.
* ~Fanwick sets off after the gnome's group.
* +Alleris follows after Fanwick.
<~Fanwick> You know, most of these gnome professors are just crazy folks, but this one actually does invent useful things now and again. She's also the local history professor at the college.
<~Fanwick> It's just possible this might actually be a useful invention.
<+Alleris> "I see...this interests me quite a bit, the idea behind a repeating crossbow would probably be immensely helpful to have on hand in a defense, as well as the large weaponry, and the other provisions"
<>Ambiance<> After a few minutes, the group reaches a field out behind the college, where the professor has set up an archery range.
* +Alleris takes a position where he's sure he wont be caught in some kind of crossfire, choosing to observe his new invention, placing his hands behind his back, fingers linked together.
* Wimji demonstrates the use of her repeating crossbow, firing a few shots in the general direction of a target.
<+Wimji> As you can see, it's not too complicated. Just about anybody can use it.
<+Alleris> "...That's rather useful..." he admits, lowly, and considers for a moment.
<+Wimji> Accuracy isn't so good yet, but I'm working to improve that.
<+Wimji> The best part about it is that it's very fast. One can shoot ten bolts in fifteen seconds easily with some training.
<+Alleris> "...Wow." he remarks, keeping quiet and to himself, though he really did consider such a it a marvelous creation.
<>Ambiance<> The crowd is very impressed. "You should sell that thing to the town's military!" says one person. Several people want to know if they can try it out.
<~Fanwick> Kasparov, you need to keep an eye on that Wimji character. Maybe we could have a use for her.
<+Wimji> Well, I suppose I can let a few people try it out. But be careful with it! I'm not responsible if you shoot somebody's eye out!
<~Fanwick> We'd already considered talking to her about joining a traveling group if we put one together, because of her knowledge of ancient history, but if she can do more of this thing it would seal it.
<+Alleris> "Mmm...It is quite the creation. It would be much help, if what those drunks said was true."
<>Ambiance<> Kasparov nods and says "I'll talk to her later about it, sir. Tonight doesn't seem the optimal time with all these other people around..."
<~Fanwick> Agreed.
<+Alleris> "Hummm...regardless, it's an interesting item. But, I suppose we should get to that inn and discuss, now?"
* ~Fanwick turns to Alleris and says: “Well, an enlightening display to say the least. My man will look into this weapon when the craziness surrounding it dies down, but yes, we’d best be going.”
* +Alleris steps to the side in that case, awaiting Fanwick to set off again.
* ~Fanwick gets up, and heads off in the direction of the inn.
* ~Fanwick says to Kasparov "Don't forget to talk to the professor about that weapon in the next few days."
* +Alleris follows after Fanwick.
<+Kasparov> Don't worry, you can count on me sir.
* ~Fanwick thinks to himself "Yeah, Kasparov, I can count on you as long as there isn't a fair maiden involved to distract you."
<>Ambiance<> The party reaches the inn without incident.
<>Ambiance<> Once inside, Fanwick heads for the stairs, to the second floor, and leads the group to a room in the middle of the second floor hallway.
* ~Fanwick unlocks the door, holds it open for everyone, and motions them inside.
* +Alleris heads into the room that Fanwick had pointed into, in silence, he stands near a wall, though he doesn't lean on it.
<>Ambiance<> The room is rather spartan, but it does have a bed and enough chairs for everyone. Fanwick sits down on the bed.
<~Fanwick> Have a seat Alleris.
* +Alleris takes a seat on the closest chair to himself, scratching the back of his head.
<~Fanwick> Here is the deal. I'm going to assume that wherever it is you're from, you never heard of the goddess Zanxia before?
<+Alleris> "No, I cannot say as I have."
<~Fanwick> I'm not surprised, really. She's mostly worshiped by the elves and half elves, though she accepts any and all believers.
<~Fanwick> Zanxia is a goddess of many things. Time, Magic, Divination, and the belief that humans and elves can, and should, live together in harmony
<+Alleris> "I see...well, I’m certainly of the opinion we can get along"
<~Fanwick> That's good. It's an opinion that is becoming more and more rare these days it seems...
<~Fanwick> Let me cut to the chase here.
<~Fanwick> My lady, the high priestess, believes that this town will very soon come under attack by forces from the kingdom or Rutan to the west.
<>Ambiance<> Even someone who knows little of history, like yourself, finds this kind of hard to believe.
<+Alleris> "That is what the drunkards allured to as well, and if that's true, I suppose that she's only doing the right thing, despite what this town believes"
<>Ambiance<> Even during the time of the great wars, there were never attacks against Mithrim because the swamp between them stretches for hundreds of miles.
<>Ambiance<> That, and the lizard men who own that swamp were always neutral and were loath to allow forces from either side right of passage through their territory.
<~Fanwick> I know it seems improbable.
<+Alleris> "This does, however seem rather...unbelievable. But, I suppose I owe you the benefit of the doubt."
<~Fanwick> If there hasn't been an attack from that direction for two thousand years, why would there be now is what everyone asks.
<~Fanwick> And, to be honest, I can't tell you why, other than this.
<~Fanwick> As I said, Zanxia is a goddess of divination.
<+Alleris> "I see..." he mulls all this over, grapping his chin within his palm.
<~Fanwick> My lady, the high priestess has an ability to see into the future. Possibly the greatest ability of any who now live
<~Fanwick> And she has foreseen an attack coming... soon. In her visions, this town is... razed to the ground.
<~Fanwick> She foresees that there will be no survivors, and that the King of Mithrim will interpret this as an attack from the lizard men.
<~Fanwick> However, she also believes that, if we prepare for this attack, we CAN stop it and save the town.
<+Alleris> "I am in firm belief the future is not set in stone, mind you."
<~Fanwick> Indeed, a little gnome pal of mine once said it best.
<~Fanwick> "It is difficult to see. Always in motion the future is." he said.
<~Fanwick> The future is not set in stone, it is mutable. That is a fact.
<+Alleris> "Indeed."
<~Fanwick> And so, we intend to make sure that this attack does NOT succeed. Furthermore, by assuaging this attack, we will be able to prove, we hope, that the Avernian Empire is preparing to move yet again.
<>Ambiance<> You’re a bit surprised to hear that name.
<>Ambiance<> Avernus, the empire of the Evil Mages and their minions... it was defeated hundreds of years ago...
<~Fanwick> You've defended towns like this before.
<+Alleris> "The Avernian empire was defeated long ago, was it not?"
<~Fanwick> Aye, defeated, but, it seems, not destroyed.
<+Alleris> "I see..."
<~Fanwick> We believe that, after all these years, a new sorcerer king is preparing to take them to war again.
<~Fanwick> This city, here, will be their testing grounds for some kind of new doomsday device.
<~Fanwick> I know you probably haven't defended them against mages, boy, but few if any who now live can claim that they have done this
<~Fanwick> Would you be willing to lend us your sword and your expertise in this?
<~Fanwick> I can promise you that you will be well rewarded.
<+Alleris> "If I can be of any assistance here I will do my best to provide as much as I can."
<~Fanwick> Very well then. Tomorrow, we can begin looking at maps of the land, and planning our defense. Is that agreeable to you?
<+Alleris> "Alright. I can certainly agree to that"
<~Fanwick> Know that we don't have the support of the towns militia, though, once it becomes clear that the town is under attack, they will of course join in the defense.
<+Alleris> "Naturally."
<~Fanwick> Alright then. We'll begin working on it in the morning. That was what I was here to do by myself tomorrow anyhow. I'm glad I stumbled upon you at the inn tonight, lad. Having someone with experience in these things makes our chances to succeed that much greater.
* ~Fanwick rises and holds out his hand to Alleris as if to shake.
* +Alleris extends his hand to shake Fanwick's hand.
<~Fanwick> See you in the morning.
<~Fanwick> Corporal Kasparov, please show the lad out.
<>Ambiance<> End Session 3.0

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<>Ambiance<> Begin Session 3.1
<>Ambiance<> We return to the "Main Group" just as they are reaching the top of the tower of Zanxia
<>Ambiance<> The party reaches the top of the stairs. Salov is still staring at the repeating crossbow of Wimji's. Kasparov is staring at... more organic things.
<+Kasparov> thinks to himself "Just like Salov. There's two majorly, majorly hot babes here and he's staring at a friggin crossbow."
<>Ambiance<> Simultaneously to his thought, the door to the High Priestess' chambers swings open, and a bright white light spills into the hallway.
* Elisandra yawns and eyes the white light, not looking impressed or anything.
<>Ambiance<> Salov and Kasparov enter the door and kneel. As they do so, a beautiful voice from inside says "Therein lies the answer to your earlier thoughts, Kasparov. That Salov thinks first of the crossbow and not the beautiful girls is exactly the reason why I sent him, and not you, to get them.
* Kasparov stammers "Ye.. yes my lady." He looks like he'd rather be just about anywhere in Arland rather than here at the moment.
* +Tajna feels herself begin to turn pink and covers her face, as if it was the light she was shielding.
<>Ambiance<> The bright light fades after a few moments, and you see into the room. It's rather an impressive room. The room appears to be made out of solid marble, with exquisite relief work carved into the marble. The work is also inlayed with gold and jewels. The room appear empty, with the exception of a beautiful curtain depicting the goddess Zanxia which hangs on the far wall.
* Elisandra suspiciously looks for the source of the voice, the idea of a mind reader clearly setting her on the defensive, though she keeps her hand from straying towards her blade.
<+Elisandra> -It sounds like she was answering his thoughts...-
<>Ambiance<> You know, Kasparov, you've been with me so long, it's almost like I can read your thoughts, says the voice
<>Ambiance<> From behind a curtian at the far end of the room steps an elven maiden. She is quite possibly the most beautiful young woman you have ever seen.
* Elisandra doesn't buy that for an instant, or even half an instant.
* +Tajna is guarded at the sight of someone who can control magic, serve a goddess of magic and read minds, mo matter what the voice says.
<+BeautifulMaiden> Welcome Elisandra, welcome Tanja, welcome Wimji. I am the Priestess of Zanxia, and I welcome you to my castle. I heartily hope that our meeting will be beneficial to us all.
<>Ambiance<> The high priestess waves her hands, and speaks an incantation of some sort. In a flash, a table and chairs appear before you. The furniture looks very expensive and even more comfortable.
* +Tajna backs up a bit at the sight of the magical display. -There is no way I am sitting on that furniture.-
* Elisandra 's eyes glance over the blatant display of magic. She doesn't look like it impresses her much.
<~HighPriestess> Please, be seated.
* Elisandra takes a seat at the nearest chair.
* +Wimji climbs up into a chair.
* +Tajna approaches the furniture and slowly sits in the seat that would be the easiest to spring out of in a given moment.
<>Ambiance<> She waves her hand again, and on the table is a banquet laid out with your favorite foods and drinks. It is as if someone read your mind and knew what your favorites were, because they are all here.
<+Wimji> Oooooo.... I can't even begin to have some of everything! There's so much here. Might as well try though.
<+Elisandra> -Please get out of my head.-
<>Ambiance<> You hear a yawn from the far corner of the room.
* +Tajna looks towards the source of the yawn...anything to keep her attention off of what has just appeared in front of her.
* Aleric ( has joined #Arland
* HighPriestess sets mode: +v Aleric
<+Aleric> Really woman, don't you think you're overdoing it just a litte?
<>Ambiance<> Aleric was clearly the source of the yawn.
<+Salov> Aleric, do not speak so to the high lady.
<+Aleric> Look tin soldier, I'll speak to her however it pleases me... within reason of course. If mother didn't insist I come here because of some favor or other she owes your lady, I wouldn't be here.
* Elisandra glances over at Aleric.
<>Ambiance<> Clearly angered by Aleric, Salov begins to move in his general direction.
<~HighPriestess> Enough, please, both of you.
<~HighPriestess> Aleric, I'm trying to entertain guests. I do not know how you entertain guests at your mother's temple, but here I treat them with respect and entertain them as I see fit, understood?
<+Aleric> Yeah, whatever. (Clearly addressing Wimji) Toss me a turkey leg would you long beak.
* +Tajna watches the exchanges with uncertainty.
<+Wimji> Hmph. Alright...
* +Wimji passes a turkey leg to Aleric
<+Wimji> Some just don't appreciate a fine nose when they see one.
<~HighPriestess> Please excuse his behavior. He's not really here by choice, and he's projecting his anger onto you, rather than to me.
<+Aleric> Yeah, sure, whatever you sa...
* Elisandra is less impressed with the high priestess than Aleric by far. She has quite a bit of distaste for people poking around in her head.
<>Ambiance<> His sentence is cut off.
<~HighPriestess> DO NOT CALL ME BABE!
* +Tajna begins to wonder about the men in the room.
* +Aleric flinches a little
<~HighPriestess> I try to tolerate your rude behavior towards me generally, because of my respect for your mother, and because, as I said, you are not here by choice, but I CAN be pushed too far! Remember that!
<+Aleric> Geez, I was only joking... some people have NO sense of humor...
* +Aleric takes his turkey leg and goes back to the corner
<+Tajna> Can we continue please...
<~HighPriestess> Yes. Apologies for the interruption.
<~HighPriestess> Lady Tanja, the food was not created magically, only summoned here by magic. It was cooked and prepared like any other food. It's quite safe.
<~HighPriestess> I'm sure you're all wondering why I've brought you here.
<+Tajna> That, among other things.
<~HighPriestess> Let me put it to you plainly. I've gotten you all out of a bad situation in town.
<~HighPriestess> Wimji doesn't even know it yet, but I have.
* Elisandra starts to ever so slowly relax as the signs of blatant mind reading no longer become the focus of the conversation.
<+Wimji> What is it that I don't know?
<~HighPriestess> You know that new and improved distillery you built for Constantinov's?
<~HighPriestess> The one that uses that new process?
<+Wimji> Yes, what about it?
<+Wimji> Very fine piece of machinery if I do say so myself.
<~HighPriestess> Generally speaking, yes, it’s a fine invention. Unfortunately, you overlooked something. There is going to be a pressure buildup. In about 30 minutes, it's going to explode... fortunately, as it's still early morning, the place is closed and no one will be hurt... still, the property damage costs...
<~HighPriestess> Besides, you've always wanted to travel, haven't you?
<+Wimji> Explode? That's impossible. I tested it thoroughly.
<+Wimji> Had a right good time with the results of the tests to boot.
* ~HighPriestess smiles. Sure you did. Nevertheless, it WILL explode. You’ll be rather persona non grata around here for a while, though if I make sure to pay for the damages and loss of income for the owner, things will blow over eventually. And you do want to travel. I'm offering you the opportunity.
<+Wimji> A chance to travel... I could study new places, learn their history... So, when do we leave?
<~HighPriestess> I thought you'd see it like that. *she smiles* Oh, and don't worry about your library. I'll see that it's all brought here and kept safe for you.
<+Elisandra> "Traveling..." -Wonderful, I haven't left this city since I got here.-
<+Tajna> --As long as it is traveling the normal way, what the heck. I need to get out of here anyway, not many people hiring me these days seeing I've robbed everyone of them…--
<+Wimji> Excellent. Make sure you keep the well-guarded. Those books are priceless!
<~HighPriestess> Don't worry, professor. I know well enough the value of your library, it will be kept safe.
<~HighPriestess> And you, Elisandra. Tomorrow, you would have been executed. Not odd for someone working with the black market, but the funny part is that you weren't guilty of what you were charged with.
"Executed?! I didn't even kill the pig!"
<~HighPriestess> Oh, he's a pig alright...
<~HighPriestess> I've had my people check on you, and unlike most of the people working with that... unsavory group, I don't think you're rotten to the core. If I thought that, I'd have left you there to hang. It seems to me that you were in a bad situation, that you only did what you had to do to survive.
* Elisandra eyes the HighPriestess. "Eh. Somethin' like that."
<~HighPriestess> You're not a goody goody, but you’re a better person than you give yourself credit for, Elisandra. The kids at the orphanage know it, even if no one else does.
* Elisandra reddens just a little. She doesn't respond.
<~HighPriestess> I'm offering you a chance to use your unique talents in a way that will help others for a change. You will be well rewarded. Will you not take me up on my offer? At least for a little while?
* Elisandra looks suspicious. Not very suspicious - the usual suspicions of someone when taking on a new job. Kept you alive in this line of work. "And what's that?"
<~HighPriestess> I'll even make a contribution to the orphanage, so they won't be doing without your assistance while you are gone. Your wanting a better life for them is quite commendable.
<+Elisandra> (Quiet tone) "Uhm... thanks..."
* Elisandra looks a bit more embarrassed at this.
<~HighPriestess> Shall I take that as a yes?
"Hey, not until I hear what the job is. I never take a job without hearin' what it involves first."
<~HighPriestess> Of course. We’ll discuss that momentarily.
<~HighPriestess> And you, Tanja. Could you ever have had more rotten luck?
<~HighPriestess> You case your target for weeks.
* +Tajna looks away.
<~HighPriestess> You have the perfect heist planned. Who could have ever anticipated that some hack of a thief would be attempting the SAME heist five minutes after you and would set off every alarm in the place?
<+Tajna> Someone who doesn't know anything. That stupid idiot cost me not only my target but any chance at being hired again.
<~HighPriestess> Except that, in fact, I want to hire you, Tanja.
<~HighPriestess> Here is my proposal my friends.
<~HighPriestess> Recently, an item of some value was stolen from us by someone I trusted.
<~HighPriestess> It is really quite embarrassing that I, a priestess of divination, did not see this coming and prevent it
<~HighPriestess> My mind has been… occupied by other, more weighty matters...
<~HighPriestess> I believe that we have discovered the location of this thief. Ordinarily, I would send some of my knights to retrieve the object, however, at the moment, I simply can not spare many of them. <~HighPriestess> And also, the possibility exists that this man could be elusive. The unique talents you people posses could be invaluable.
<~HighPriestess> Especilly the skills posessed by you, Tanja, and you, Elisandra.
<~HighPriestess> You’re both wanted women in Arlington, so you can't return there regardless.
<~HighPriestess> As I said earlier, I do expect that you, professor, would be able to return when the whole thing blows over... provided you pay for the damages... something I will take care of for you if you return the favor by helping me.
<+Wimji> Always glad to be of assistance.
<~HighPriestess> I can't spare many of my men, because I believe they will all be needed here shortly for reason's I'd rather not get into, but I can spare a handful to take you there.
<~HighPriestess> Aleric will go with you, because he's returning a favor his mother owes me.
<~HighPriestess> Salov will also go with you, as well. I’ll also send a couple of guards with the wagon.
<~HighPriestess> Again, if you agree, and you can complete the mission, you will be well rewarded, and, if you wish, would have enough to start over somewhere else where you aren't on the most wanted list. I've already got Wimji's agreement. What say you Elissandra and Tanja?
<+Elisandra> "Eh..." She pauses for a moment. "Alright."
* +Tajna looked over those listed that would be accompanying them. Salov would be there, but not Kasparov. Wimji and Elissandra, neither of whom have proven to be a problem yet. but Aleric...
<+Tajna> I see no other choice. I need to be able to exist somewhere without trouble.
<+Tajna> Taking this may provide that eventually.
<~HighPriestess> If you succeed, I will most likely have other propositions for you as well if you wish.
<+Elisandra> "So, this thief is hiding in a city?"
<~HighPriestess> Either in the city, or in a hideout near the city.
<~HighPriestess> The rotten scoundrel is a priest of the god of mischief. I should NEVER have trusted him.
* +Tajna coughs. "What made you trust him in the first place?"
<~HighPriestess> His god and mine have been allies in the past. I did not expect that he would betray me, especially not now, not when...
<+Aleric> Not when the sky is falling, and evil is stirring again and on and on she'll go if you let her.
* +Tajna rolls her eyes. "I didn't ask you."
<~HighPriestess> So, we're all agreed then?
* +Tajna nods
<~HighPriestess> Elisandra?
<+Elisandra> "Very well."
<~HighPriestess> Thank You. Thank all of you.
<>Ambiance<> She almost looks as if she's going to cry out of relief, joy, or maybe some combination of the two
* Elisandra just kinda sits there in silence.
<~HighPriestess> Salov, see to it that the ladies are provided quarters for the rest of the day.
Yes lady.
<~HighPriestess> Kasparov, go get lady Tanja another makeup kit from town. She may need it soon.
<+Kasparov> Yes lady.
* Kasparov bows and leaves the room.
* +Tajna bows her head towards the priestess. She may not like the magic, but the woman did deserve respect… not to mention has given her another chance at life. She then looks to Salov.
<~HighPriestess> Oh, lady Tanja, will you not eat anything here? I promise you it will do you no harm...
"And, erm... Thanks you for the jailbreak. Really pulled my ass out of the fire there." She mutters something unkind about lecherous nobles.
* +Tajna turns back to the priestess. Trying not to betray herself, she reaches for fruit that lay on the table. slowly she grabs something and holds onto it.
<~HighPriestess> Salov, see to it that she has whatever she wants to eat brought to her quarters.
"Oh, right, food."
<+Tajna> "Thank you for the second chance, my lady."
<~HighPriestess> It is no better than you deserve.
<>Ambiance<> She looks particularly sincere when she says...
<~HighPriestess> Thank You , all of you, so much for helping me.
<~HighPriestess> If you will excuse me now, I have other matters that need attending to unfortunately.
<>Ambiance<> She almost seems to age, literally age, as she says this, as if weighted down by whatever it is that needs attending to.
* +Tajna stands, as this was one thing that she had been taught as a child. You stand when someone like her exists a room.
* Elisandra remains seating like the ill mannered street ruffian she is.
<~HighPriestess> You are all welcome to eat as much of the food as you wish. When you are all done, Salov or one of his company will show you to rooms on the guest floor... except you Aleric, you know the way well enough.
* ~HighPriestess turns and walks back to the curtain at the other end of the room, and, as she passes through it to the other side says "I'll see you all off in the morning."
<+Elisandra> "See ya'"
<+Wimji> Goodnight, my lady.
<+Tajna> "Good night, Lady. So, Salov, if you would be so kind as to show me where I am sleeping, I think I need a lot of sleep."
<+Wimji> Yes, me as well. I don't sleep well in wagons, so I am rather tired.
<+Salov> Of course lady Tanja. Of course professor.
<>Ambiance<> Her voice is heard from beyond the curtian one last time "Salov, when you are finished with your duties, please send General Hanibal to see me."
* +Tajna blinks in surprise, but doesn't say a thing. She just follows Salov.
* Elisandra takes a look at the food. "... nice" she whispers, and digs in. Surprisingly, she eats with a rather good degree of cleanliness.
* +Aleric sits down where Tanja was before.
<+Aleric> What the hell, the plates clean, I might was well make use of it.
<+Aleric> I'll never know what my mother sees in that woman, he says as he grabs some food.
<+Elisandra> "Eh?"
<+Aleric> She's so over the top it's unbelievable, don't you agree?
<+Elisandra> "Well, uhh... I don't see why she needed the flashy magic."
<~HighPriestess> Oh, she's always used the flashy magic
<~HighPriestess> It's second nature to her.
"Eh. Never was much of a fan of that stuff, personally."
* Elisandra shrugs and continues eatin'
<+Aleric> Neither am I
<+Elisandra> "Give me a sturdy blade any day..."
<+Aleric> I'm probably harder on her than I should be, though. I mean, I don't think she even realizes she's doing it.
<+Elisandra> "It almost seems like she could hear my thoughts. That I don't like."
<+Aleric> Yeah, she spooks a lot of people with that. You're not the first.
"Really not fond of people poking around in my head."
<+Aleric> I'm not sure she even realizes she's doing it.
<+Aleric> I took her to the carpet over that when I was younger than you. She says she doesn't read minds. I dono if I believe her or not.
<+Aleric> Could you pass the wine please?
* Elisandra hands the wine over to Aleric.
<+Elisandra> "Eh, some of what she said was too close to be coincidence.
<+Aleric> Thanks.
<+Aleric> If nothing else, the woman always has damn good wine, don't you think so?
<+Aleric> Well, her explanation for it, near as I can tell, is this.
<+Elisandra> "Haven't tried the wine. And... Humm?"
<+Aleric> She can see into the past and future. Not everything she sees in the future comes true of course, but...
<+Elisandra> "Eh... Does mucking around with the future and stuff ever end well?"
<+Aleric> I tend to doubt it myself, but who knows?
<+Aleric> Generally only the priests of the god of prophesy see the future, and nobody cares for them much
<+Elisandra> "True."
* Elisandra ponders.
<+Aleric> But, as the high priest of the god of time, apparently she can see into the future and the past as well. I bet she picked out your favorite foods and made sure they were included here didn’t she?
<+Elisandra> "... Yeah."
<+Elisandra> "Maybe that's how it looks like she's readin' minds?"
<+Aleric> See, she knew you were coming, so she probably looked back into the past to see what you ate.
"This 's fancier than what I usually eat."
<+Aleric> Yeah, but, hell, i dono what of this was from your mind, but say for arguments sake you like the lamb.
* Elisandra waits for him to continue.
<+Aleric> She’s looked back into the past, and seen you eating lamb and liking it. So, instead of just getting any old lamb, she gets the best one she can find with all the trimmings you'd generally have with lamb
"Hum, that'd make sense."
<+Aleric> At least, that’s what I'm TOLD she does. Mother seems to believe it, but for all I know, maybe she DOES read your bloody mind.
* +Aleric laughs.
<+Aleric> Sorry, I know it's not funny to you.
<+Elisandra> "Eh. Could be worse, I guess."
<+Aleric> But, really, if you want my honest opinion of her...
<+Elisandra> "Go ahead."
<+Aleric> Despite the way I treat her most of the time, and despite the fact I’m not fond of magic use, I rather like her.
<+Elisandra> "Humm?"
<+Aleric> I think at heart she's really just kinda like a little kid, one that really just wants everyone to like her. She tries really hard to make everyone happy, but she tries so hard sometimes, she creeps people out
<+Elisandra> "Heh. Not rulin' it out, though I am rather thankful for her pulling my ass out of the fire." (mumble) "Bloody fucking lecherous noble assholes--"
<+Aleric> It doesn't help her case that most people don't like magic to begin with, and she uses it without a second thought.
<+Elisandra> "Magic's okay as long as the bad stuff isn't aimed at me."
<+Elisandra> "Ya don't have to flaunt it though..."
<+Aleric> Honestly, my only real problem with her is i just don't like doing all these favors for her for mom's sake. That, and her "Only I can save Arland from disaster" attitude gets on my nerves. A Lot
<+Elisandra> "Ehhh. I can't really go back to that town anymore... what else 'm I going to do?"
<+Aleric> At least since mom is my supervisor within my church, I don't have to worry about my superior getting mad because I missed a few ceremonies, since she's the one who keeps making me miss them *chuckle*
<+Elisandra> "Usually when I miss something, I'm more concerned about trying to make sure it doesn't hit me back."
* Elisandra pats her sword hilt.
* +Aleric chuckles
<+Aleric> Don't take this the wrong way, but, I think I like you. Having you along on this trip might just make it bearable. *smiles*
* Elisandra 's fingers idly drift into her pocket for a moment, to brush her magical ioun stone.
<+Aleric> The gnome would probably drive me nuts, and the other girl seems to find menace in her own shadow. Don't even get me started on stiff old bugger Salov. At least I'll have one normal, well adjusted person to talk to.
<+Elisandra> "Heh. I'd probably explode if left around all the knights and uptight people." She kinda returns the smile... not fully, but her expression's more upbeat than before. " Not looking forward to whatever traveling we're goin' on though--"
* Elisandra chuckles at that. "Well adjusted? I'm a seventeen year old girl who sneaks around and gets in swordfights."
<+Aleric> Me either really… I prefer cities. Well Elisandra, I've enjoyed talking to you, but I fear I must go get ready to depart. I may have permission to miss ceremonies while I'm gone, but I'm not gone until tomorrow, and so I need to go make the proper offerings to my deity.
<+Elisandra> "Right. See ya around, then."
<+Aleric> I will see you either tonight, or in the morning. Until then *he bows*
* +Aleric departs the room
* Elisandra stands up and heads off in the same general direction, figuring that's where the rooms are.
<>Ambiance<> A guard outside stands ready.
<+Elisandra> "My room?" She looks around.
<+Guard> I’ll show you to your quarters. Please follow me.
<+Elisandra> "Okay."
<>Ambiance<> The guard leads down two flights of stairs and then down a hallway to a room.
* Elisandra opens the door.
<>Ambiance<> Earlier and Elsewhere Tanja and Wimji are shown to their quarters, 2 flights of stairs down. Salov drops both of them off with an "If you need anything, ask the guard outside in the hall. He will either get it for you or summon me to do so."
<+Tajna> Thank you, Salov.
<+Salov> You're welcome lady Tanja *he bows*
<+Tajna> Um, Salov, I ... Do you think that I have offended the priestess? Somethings I can't help, and I am grateful to be out of the prison.
<+Salov> No, lady Tanja. My lady was not, I think, offended.
<+Tajna> Oh, okay. Well, thank you again. I guess when Kasparov gets me the makeup kit, he will leave it outside my door. You have been kind. Good night.
<+Salov> She is aware of your fear of magic... she knew it would be a problem... but she believes that you will one day be one of the greatest of your profession, and felt it was worth trying to befriend you regardless.
* +Tajna smiles slightly. "That is comforting, then. Thank you for telling me."
<+Salov> You're welcome lady. I will see that the kit gets to you, hopefully delivered by someone other than Kasparov. *he smiles, then takes his leave*
<>Ambiance<> End Session 3.1
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