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Sonce I cant sleep, I thought I'd take this opportunity to whine about the weather. Why is it that I leave Quincy for Atlanta the Day AFTER the 2 coldest days of the season so far, on a day when its going to get close to 70, and arrive in Atlanta for the 2 coldest days of THEIR season so far? I go that far south and it's colder there than here starting from the instant I get off the plane... wtf.

When I get home last night its baking in here because its been over 75 and we've already taken the AC's out of the windows. It was 75 today even. So, tomorrow, for my trip down, its going to be BELOW freezing and sleet/snow... OK, WTF

OK, so...

Nov. 20th, 2007 10:26 pm
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I managed to get home on the next scheduled flight.

I finally had an email response from Rob Levy about those TimeGate fliers he was taking to Chicago Tardis... week, now he can't go because something came up at work. *sigh*

Yet again I've let my friends down by promising to do something that turns out I can't manage to do. Sometimes I wonder why anyone even bothers with me :(

So, yeah, anyway, we left the AG meeting to head over to the Atlanta HP one.

We ran into [personal profile] shishio [profile] iheartbowie [personal profile] brewingtrouble and some other assorted cool people there. They were just getting ready to play HP Jeopardy... I took a pass and sorted my NW decks and talked to Sean instead. These people are HP fanatics, and, really, I felt I'd be doing little other than letting them down by taking up a spot on their teams.

The gang mentioned above left after that. The assemblage then decided to discuss things like Star Wars (mostly how badly they hated the new ones) for about an hour... beofre playing HP Pictionary... which I passed on for the same reasons stated above.

They then played a game involving movies and actors (not HP) which I also passed on since I see like maybe 3 or 4 movies a year tops. I had no idea who half the actors and movies were anyway.

At least Rachel had fun....

So then we headed home, and got in about 5:30... Time I used to catch up on email and stuff... I got to bed at like, 9am X_X

Rachel was Supposed to call [personal profile] shishio around noon to let her for sure know if we had the tickets that [personal profile] acciochocolate and her boyfriend weren't going to be able to use, and to plan something to do that afternoon... but, she didn't manage to get up to call till like 2... no answer, left a message.... I told her they probably decided we weren't going to call and went out. She FINALLY got a hold of them around 3... just in time arrange to meet up for the concert. Well, at least something went well.

In fact, maybe things happened this way for a reason. Those two have had a rough last few weeks, and really needed a pick me up. Everyone had a wonderful time at the concert. and we talked for a long while afterwards... probably too long for poor [profile] iheartbowie who had to get up for work in the morning.

I'll say this for Rachel: she has a wonderful taste in friends. They are two of the coolest people I've ever met (why is it that I met such a disproportionate number of REALLY cool people at DC this year??)

Meh, I should write a little more here, but, I have a long drive tomorrow night... either 12 hours or... maybe as many as 17-18 if I wind up taking those fliers to Chicago on the way to Atlanta... so I think I'd best go to bed now.
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So, here I am at Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta. I should be on the ground an halfway home by now, but the fog canceled my 9:10 flight, so now I'm killing time waiting for a 12:38 flight that hopefully happens...

Assuming that flight DOES happen, maybe this isn't such a terrible thing. It let me get caught up on my email an LJ reading which I haven't been able to do while I've been stuck here in Atlanta.

The trip, as usual, hasn't gone smoothly. My trips NEVER do :(. We left an hour late for the airport on Monday, thanks to us forgetting to pack a couple things, then me hunting for my cell phone, which we finally realized we'd left at the Abby... guess it doesn't pay to get drunk before flying out  =P

We had nothing to do Friday because Kim's elderly dad has taken ill, so she's been spending her days at the hospital with him, so we pretty much slept all day X_X. We discovered too late that <lj user = shishio> had finally replied to Rachel's email and wanted to do something Friday X_X. Ah well.

Saturday, we watched the Missouri Tigers (#3 AP, #1 My Heart) win their final "regular season" game. They gave me a heart attack in the first half, before attacking with heart in the second half. Now its on to "the playofs" If all goes well, next week, the North title vs Kansas, the next week the Big XII Title against Oklahoma (or Texas), and January 7th, the World vs ?LSU?.

We then went to the Atlanta Gallifreyan's meeting. We were a little late because of the Mizzou game and getting lost trying to find the place, so, unfortunately, we didn't get to really meet too many people...

Did get to talk to Alan Siler, though, as we were leaving, and he's pretty cool predictably. He gave me those fliers to Rob to drop off at CT and I left some stuff for Kim with him....

We watched The Infinite Quest, Time Crash, and Rememberence of the Daleks before we had to leave and head over to the Atlanta HP meeting...

Speaking of leaving, its time to board the plane =P

(to be continued!)
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Just back from the Abbey, where I got totally, totally drunk watching Arizona add another piece to the puzzle for my dream. With the loss by Oregon, this much is clear... with Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri ranked 3-4-5, and with Oregon removed from contention, and with Mizzou  vs Kansas in 2 weeks with winner vs Oklahoma the following week... Any of the 3 Big 12 teams that runs the table is in the title game vs well, LSU, or if they lose too, then god only knows. Regardless, they ARE in.

I never thought I'd live to see the day that, in mid November, my Tigers would be able to say "If we run the table, we are the national champion"

I don't want to say I'm satisfied with that, but, lets just say I'm happy, and... proud. Thank you Missouri. No matter what happens from here on out, I can say you've finally made me proud to be a Tiger fan.
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Pretty boring day on the home front. Played a little FFT (proved to Rachel that you could do something "unpossilbe" hehe)

Got my Amiga running again :) Nothing like 20 year old computers to play games on :)

Pretty much decided that none of Rachel's friends are going to answer their emails... guess we'll see if Kim and Mike want to do something Friday night.

I feel bad for her, though. I've been trying to get her to be more assertive and confident and involved in things, and when I do, this happens :(

I really didn't want this trip to be all about me, but it's looking like it may turn out that way. meh.
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Wanted to write tonite, but just couldn't get in the mood for it. Oh, I pecked a little, but nothing really came of it.

Upon further review... I still like the chapter I finished last night, but I think I could improve it a bit expanding some sections of it. I think that will wait for the 2nd daft though unless the beta readers feel it would be a benefit to do otherwise.

I thought it would make a good first chapter, and it might, but transitioning into the old first chapter now seems like it will be further delayed than I first thought, and, therefore, I might be better just going with the original arrangement.

I really need some input from "my staff", but they are busy with actual important projects right now, so... (this is not a podding attempt, I know you guys are busy)

I guess I'll just go to bed early tonite... after all , I'm expecting an early wake up in the morning. Sometime after midnight, Rachel should be home :)


Nov. 7th, 2007 01:23 am
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I finished the first chapter of my novel that I've been able to finish in months! If I decide to keep the new chapter arrangement, it will be the new first chapter of the book... I'm pleased with it. I think it's pretty darn good. I'm anxious to see what my beta reader and chief historian think ^_^ (no rush though guys).

Wow, this might be my shortest entry evar!

PS: Oh where oh where has my Sweet Polly Purebred gone?! I miss my Rachel!
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Had big plans to write when I got home tonite, but that got derailed by some GOOD news. We finally got services back up (took way beyond too long). They are now on Immertot, which has been the hub of the network for months, and probably should have had them to begin with. Kinda nice having them on one of my servers too.

BotServ lost all the bots, and HostServ lost all the custom vhosts, but those can be easily fixed manually. NickServ and ChanServ are all good though, so yea!

CharacterServ worked ok too, but RPGServ decided to be a biatch or a while, but Fal and aqua got it sorted eventually.

Looks like we finally weathered the storm, and maybe, hopefully, we'll be getting a reorganization plan, so that the people who actually give a damn about the place can run it. I REALLY would like to have this network reach all my goals for it, no matter how unrealistic they might be...

It would be so nice to get off work and be able to get into an RPG many nights.

In my fantasy world, maybe some of my friends could even be persuaded to give the place a try if we can get scheduled events... I really want to do something nice for my new friends. They have been so good to me, it would be nice to give something back.

Guess I'll hit the writing trail tomorrow. I think I've worked out the new opening for the novel. Wish me luck.

Oh, and, just wanted to say, not mentioning any names but, since you've been so nice in your support of all my teams (Well, most of them), and with this NFL season looking like a lost cause for us, well... Go Steelers!
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and my Tigers are #6. No, not those damn ones from LSU that tease me EVERY week by not losing, but the Tigers of Missouri. The last time my Tigers were ranked this high was 1981... Rachel was not even born then. The last time they were 8-1 was 1969... I was two.

It's probably hard for most people to understand how big of a deal this is for me. I mean, I guess Cub fans could claim they understand, but really, they have at least been to the playoffs a few times in recent years.

It seems like its been forever and ever that we've had to endure being a doormat. The only reason we weren't the worst team in the conference during much of that time was because Kansas and K State were in the conference, and they were two of the worst five teams in the country almost every year. Seriously, before K-State came within inches of the national title game one year, they were the losingest team in the history of college football. Thats right, not Northwestern or someone like that, K-State.

There was losing to Troy, there was losing to Louisiana Tech, there was losing to Bowling fucking Green TWO YEARS IN A ROW AT HOME. At least in those days, we had the basketball team that kept racking up Big 8 titles.

What was worse than that though, was the teases and the screws...

There was that horrible call against Nebraska where on 4th down, a guy laying on the turf intentionally kicks the ball up in the air and it's caught for a touchdown. Should have been a penalty, but no...

Last year there was an even WORSE call against Iowa State that pretty much cost us winning the North title. The conference even admitted it was a mistake and issued an apology... It would have been our first even half conference championship in my lifetime.

But nothing tops what happened in 1990. With Colorado trailing in the last two minutes and the ball at the one yard line, Missouri stopped them four straight times, but, thanks to a bunch of incompetent officials (and our coaching staff too, truthfully) Colorado scored on the last play of the game... on FIFTH DOWN. Suddenly, the program which looked to be turning the corner, fell back into it's old ways.

How big were these? Here is what USA today had to say last year when picking the 20 greatest moments of the last 20 years in college football.

4. Oct. 6, 1990: Visiting Colorado is awarded a fifth down (actually two second downs) and scores on what everyone thought was fourth down as time expires to beat Missouri 33-31 on the way to an 11-1 season and a shared national title with Georgia Tech.

5. Nov. 8, 1997: No. 1 Nebraska scores at the end of regulation on a pass that bounces off a Cornerhusker's foot and into the hands of freshman Matt Davison. The visiting Huskers win in overtime 45-38 en route to a 13-0 season and a split national title with Michigan.

Yeah, thats right, not only did we get SCREWED twice, but both teams go on to win the national championship. :(

The Cubs have one Bartman incident, Tigers fans have two. (Please, don't even get me started on Don Denkinger and the call that cost the Cardinals the World Series in '85. It's like I've been though my own personal officiating hell sometimes I think).

I know I shouldn't even let myself think it... I've been let down SO many times, it's hard to believe but... we're 6th... Kansas and Oklahoma are 4th and 5th... IF Oklahoma can win out, if we can win the next two weeks, if Kansas can too... We'll have a game for the North championship against Kansas, and then a Big XII title game against Oklahoma, so there is two teams passed... If we can win impressively, we might even pass Oregon...

That would still leave us sitting at number 3 though...

Those damn LSU  Tigers have a gravy train schedule left... they will probably get Georgia in the SEC title game... I can't see them losing to Georgia...

No, our best bet is for Ohio State to lose.

Tiger fans, for one week, it's time to become Fighting Illini fans too. If Illinois can somehow upset Ohio State (and make our cpu ranking look better too), it's just possible, however unlikely, that we could win our way into the Title game. Yes, there is always hope that Michigan can beat them at Michigan too, but Illinois beating them would help us more...

Will these things happen?

Probably not. Who's to say we can even take care of our own business? Texas A&M won't be easy. They gave Kansas all they could handle. Playing at K-State won't be easy either. We'd have to survive both of those just to "make it to the playoffs" against Kansas and then, if we win, Oklahoma.

But you know what? For the first time in my lifetime, it's the first weekend of November, and I can actually dream of something like this happening, and that itself brings a smile to my face, because it is something that a few years ago, I would never have imagined could happen.
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Been pretty lonely around here lately, what with everyone else gone to Youma Con. I've just kinda laid around the house, played a little FFT.

You know, when Rachel goes away, the fist day I don't really miss her that much... its like, I have some peace and quiet and I can relax and do what I want... but by the second day or so, I'm always over the peace and quiet and I'm just lonely as hell. I dono how I'm going to keep my sanity here by myself for the next 4-5 days.

I'm pretty sure that I've already managed to piss off one of my newest friends, someone that I was really fond of and really wanting to get to know a lot better too. *sigh* I so excel at saying the wrong things at the right time. :(

Finally got most of the irc network glued back together, except for Serian's server, which has been down for like 2 friggin weeks now. It wouldn't be such a big deal if it wasn't the one with services... I'm getting really tired of doing without services, and so is the rest of the network. It's crap like this that keeps Cael mired into the role of being just another network. How can I even promote the place to others and yet look myself in the mirror with shit like this going on?

With the stuff it has, it is capable of being so much more, but I'm afraid it never will be unfortunately. I had grand dreams of a network where you could not only play board games, but drop by at most hours of the day or night and get into an rpg game, but leadership is lacking, and so desire and direction at the lower levels is lacking too.

So my dreams of helping create a premier gaming network seem to be nothing more than a pipe dream. I thought maybe, for the first time since the pojo days, I might actually be able to do something that would help others enjoy life a little more, but, alas, it seems I'm once again destined to failure.  I wonder if I should bother to continue providing servers there anymore. It's only 40 bucks a month, but still...

Come to think of it, the whole situation there is just a microcosm of my life really. Try as I might, I'm destined to be just an insignificant peon who wonders what the point of his life is, if there even is one. I mean, if I died tomorrow, what have I accomplished? Would more than maybe three people even miss me? What good have I done with my life? Maybe I went into the wrong line of work, I dono. Meh, think of something else maniac, you are depressing yourself =/

 Had to work today... another slow day. It let me finish the last of those character sketches, which should make [personal profile] auntiemeesh happy. 

Tomorrow I get to work on "uploading" the stuff that I've written so far, and by "uploading" basically I mean typing the stuff up out of my notebook. Uploading the old fashioned way pretty much heh. Maybe if I can ever get this book finished, someone would enjoy reading that. Probably not, but maybe.

Bah, I probably just need to go to bed :(
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Instead of working on my novel, I've been a lazy slob today. I got up at 10 and went back to bed at noon and slept another 6 hours :( Oh well, I'm sure my body needed it. I generally only get 5 hours on the nights I work, which really isn't enough for me.

I've decided to replay FFT for the millionth time <_< I WILL work on stuff tomorrow...
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sorry to disappoint, but Rachel (and everyone else in the house) has left for Youma Con and taken the camera with her. I have NO idea why she bothered. She's taken it to con after con and never taken any pictures, not even the ones I PROMISED [ profile] iheartbowie I'd make sure she took at Jemcon, for which I feel terrible.

I will attempt to get copies of the ones the body shop takes on Thursday.

Speaking of pictures, I'm DYING waiting for those pictures from [ profile] eve11 from her Halloween party. The pictures that [ profile] auntemeesh took are great, but I want to see the costumes too!

Speaking of pictures... still waiting to see those pictures of Sirius, the new puppy that [ profile] shishio got a couple weeks back. She's been going through some tough times lately though, so I most definitely will cut her some slack.

I believe for my part, I still owe everyone a Dragon Con report (see, by waiting till November, mine will stand out LOL). I still owe [ profile] eve11 a report on Kingmaker (the audio, not the game), and I owe [ profile] auntemeesh the rest of those char sketches and some real progress on my story. Hopefully she will keep after me, because I will probably need some prodding here and there.

With 3 out of the 4 days off this weekend, and no one here but me, I shall strive to get at least this much done.

I was VERY saddened to hear from [ profile] acciochocolate that Hank Reinhardt passed away. Probably very few if any of the people who read my journal will recognize that name, but he was one of the great sci fi/fantasy combat scene writers of all time, and, even in his failing health, was a commanding presence in a room. I'm glad that I got to see him one last time at Dragon Con this year, and I feel like there will be a permanent hole at all the fighting in writing panels at the cons I attend (he attended most of them as well) from now on. Goodbye Hank, you will be missed.

PS: In case I have somehow failed to mention it yet this week, The Abbey is just WAY too damn convenient.
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Stolen from last Friday's Tipsheet, by Jeff Gordon of the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

Miami Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder, a former Florida Gator, professed surprise that people speak English in London.

So his team’s foray overseas will provide a priceless cultural opportunity.

“I couldn’t find London on a map if they didn’t have the names of the countries,” Crowder said. “I swear to God. I don’t know what nothing is. I know Italy looks like a boot. I learned that.

“I know (Redskins linebacker) London Fletcher. We did a football camp together. So I know him. That’s the closest thing I know to London. He’s black, so I’m sure he’s not from London. I’m sure that’s a coincidental name.”

Ah, the value of a University of Florida education . . .

- When I read this, I thought of 2 things

1) We should kidnap this guy and subject him to the Brittrack next year. He might lean a thing or two.

2) This might be my last LJ post, because when Rachel discovers I've posted something that pokes fun at he beloved Florida Gators, she's probably going to kill me ^_^
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I have a major headache... I'll try to get some pictures of the car tomorrow. I think I'll just lay here and listen to the Broncos game on KOA.

I'm glad that at least the Denver teams haven't yet gotten so greedy as cut of their nose to spite their face by moving their broadcasts off the Clear Channel Affilliates that can be head 100's of miles away like the Braves and Cardinals, and other teams have done in recent years.

Sure, they might make a few more bucks in the short term, but they alienate and lessen their fan base in the long run, which is counter productive.
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I'll try to get some pictures of the right front quarter panel of my car tomorrow, so you can all see just how much I hate deer :(

If only the bastards had to wear orange vests like construction workers. :(
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Why does it seem like crappy things keep happening  to people I care about? People who have already had way more than their share of crappy things happen to them to begin with?

I don't just mean one person, I mean, several of them. And I don't just mean kinda crappy things, I mean, really crappy things. The kinds of things that make me lay awake at night and wish like hell that I could do something to ease their pain kinda things.

Why is it that when crappy things happen to people I care about, I never seem to know what the right thing to do or say is anymore? Man, I used to be good at that. Somewhere along the line, I guess I lost that ability somewhere... and no, it's not under the bed or behind the fridge, I checked there already.

Meh, I should be working on those character sketches for [personal profile] auntiemeesh, but somehow, I just can't bring myself to care about that right now.

To those of you on my friends list to whom this applies, I love you and I'm thinking of you. It's not a very clever, or awe inspiring thing to say, but it's the best I can come up with right now.
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[15:58] * &Underdog can remember when almost everything was server contained <_<
[15:58] <@Namegduf> UD wins a retro point.
[15:58] * &Underdog remembers when memoserv was a hot off the presses newfangled idea
[15:58] <@Namegduf> And still no one uses it.
[15:58] <@Namegduf> It's the multiple desktops of IRC.
[15:58] <@Lkeas> heh
[15:59] <@Glarbex> I use multiple desktops.
[15:59] * &Underdog remembers when operserv didn't exist, and all that had to be regulated through the olines
[15:59] <@Namegduf> OperServ is bizarre.
[15:59] <@Rimblade> OperServ is a bully.
[16:00] <@Glarbex> OperServ claims to serve the opers, but in fact it seeks to enslave us all!
[16:00] <&Underdog> botserv was not even a concept then. Hostserv didn't exist as such...
[16:00] <@Namegduf> HostServ should be merged with NS.
[16:01] <@Namegduf> It doesn't do anything but provide an interface to set options on nicks.
[16:01] <&Underdog> we had to walk up hill to school, both ways... in a blinding snowstorm...
[16:01] <@Namegduf> Hehe.
[16:01] <&Underdog> :)

[16:04] * Rimblade is now known as Rimeating
[16:04] <&Goofy|Around> I now picture Rimblade eating wheel rims :)
[16:05] <&Corwin> Or.. ehm..
[16:07] <&Underdog> have a wheel good time with that dinner there...
[16:08] <&Ferret> Cheese wheels!
[16:08] <&Goofy|Around> UD with pun >_<
[16:08] <&Goofy|Around> :P
[16:09] <&Underdog> yes, there are cheese wheels, if only you can... ferret them out.
[16:09] <&Underdog> and yes, the wheel joke deserves a RIMshot <_<
[16:10] <&Underdog> I'll stop now.
[16:10] <&Ferret> UD is channeling Artix
[16:10] <@Namegduf> UD is doing it better. :P
[16:10] <&Ferret> Slightly
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Ever tried to hold an irc network together with bubble gum and chicken wire?

I've been trying to tell people for the last year that having 6 of your 8 servers in California was not conducive to stability, even if the servers were normally rock solid individually. Yes, 3 of those servers are mine, but when I got them, they were the only servers out there, and they were not bought to all be hooked up to the same network when I originally purchased them. In the last 3 days, we've had our Chicago Server die (and take services with it) and tonite, we lost 3 of our California servers apparently because of complications from the wildfires. We even lost my Unknown server for a while, but we got it to respond eventually.

With 3 of our remaining 4 servers in California, we may be reduced to having nothing but our German server soon... I wasn't planing on adding the St. Louis server till after Christmas, when "I could afford it". Looks lke I may have to buck up and go into debit to get that wonderful dedicated machine now, rather than later.
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Stolen from [info]deidrecorwyn
Ultimate Roleplaying Purity Score
CategoryYour ScoreAverage
Has conversations in between massacres
Sensitive Roleplaying34.18%
All the game's your stage
GM Experience36.23%
Closer to a novel than to a campaign
Systems Knowledge91.24%
Played in a couple of campaigns
Livin' La Vida Dorka67.82%
Goes nuts on the weekends
You are 56.55% pure
Average Score: 68.8%
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It's a day early but... just so it gets seen before the event...

I wanted to wish [personal profile] eve11 much luck on the Halloween party tomorrow. I love vampires, and if those pumpkins are any indication of how awesome the party will be, then I'm even more regretful than ever that I can't attend. I'm dying in anticipation of  seeing those pics!

In special honor of your  monumental effort, I hereby designate tomorrow as (oh god this is terrible, but I just can't help myself...) All Hallows Eve11 Day!
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