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Well, this should be an interesting week with plenty of travel... I get off work on Thurs Nov 15th at 7pm, which gives me just about enough time to dash home, pack the car, and take a nap, because on Friday morning I have to get up no later than 2am and head for St. Louis where Rachel and I will be catching a 6:10 flight to Atlanta. Once in Atlanta at about 8:40, we'll be picked up at the airport by her parents. 

That should get us back to their place around 10 or so... at which point we'll probably lunch then nap... then, hopefully, well have dinner or something with a couple of Rachel's friends (if she ever gets around to asking them... she never got around to inviting anyone to Archon... which actually turned out to be a good thing considering that this was the worst Archon in years thanks to NASFiC screwing it up). We have a particular couple in mind, with an alternate if they are unable to. If that doesn't work out, we might just end up doing something with Kim and Mike. 

On Saturday, we've got an open morning (we'll likely need it if we end up going out with Rachel's friends Friday night!) then we're heading over to the Atlanta Gallifreyans meeting at 4:30. (It will be different than CIA meetings for sure. Those go from about 1:30-5:30 at the Library, then we go have dinner somewhere afterwards).  Kim tells me these break up anywhere from late to really really late heh.  We're PLANNING to play Kingmaker after the meeting, depending on how late the meeting runs. Hopefully we could get a full game of 6-8. I mean, what better game to play after a Doctor Who meeting than a game about British history? :) If the meeting runs too long, then we'll likely play some card games after the meeting depending on when it breaks up, then we'll probably offer to take Kim and Mike to dinner somewhere that night, then go back to Rachel's parents for the evening.

Sunday afternoon we're meeting up with Kim and Mike again. If we didn't have a chance to play Kingmaker the night before, we're going to play it then. If we did, well, then I don't know what we're going to do. I'll let the others decide. Sunday night, however, we do have definite plans... in fact, the reason we're coming down this weekend... so we can go to The Police Concert! More fun will be had than is allowed by law in 9 states... and the District of Columbia.

Rachel and I saw them up at Wrigley Field earlier in the year and they TOTALLY kicked ass. They were there July 5th and I had some days off in a row, so we planed a 4 day Chicago trip around it.  Actually, she ALSO saw them July 2nd at Scott Trade Center in St. Louis, but I had to work that day. Once (or in her case twice) was just NOT enough. Seeing them again in Atlanta on a weekend with the Atlanta Gallifreyans meeting was just too good to pass up.  We managed to get 4 good tickets to the Sunday show, so we're going with Mike and Kim. After the concert, It'll be goodbye and back to Rachel's parents for a nap, then, I'll have to be up by 6am. Rachel will be taking me to the airport to catch a 9:10 flight back to St. Louis, which will land about 9:40. She'll be staying behind to spend time with her parents, but I... I have to try to get back to work in Quincy by 1pm or so on Monday. It's at least a 2 hour drive back to Quincy from there, so it will be a tight squeeze on time.

So, while she's lounging around, it'll be slaving away at work for me for 3 days. Then, when I get off at 7 on Wed night before thanksgiving, it will be BACK to Atlanta for me... this time by car LOL! It's about a 12 hour drive, so, with the time difference, I should get there some time around 8 in the morning... just in time to take a nap before Turkey Dinner!

We'll have the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving to spend in Atlanta... no idea what we're going to do those days... it's possible we'll just hang around the house... I know last year I got a lot of writing done... speaking of writing... that reminds me, I need to repost something that I HOPE someone will actually take the time to read and comment on. I know it was really long, and I expect that everyone who even bothered to open the cuts probably just freaked and said "I'm not reading that..." but this story is really, really important to me, and I really need my friends to give me advice and help me decide what I should do with it. I know that [personal profile] auntiemeesh is going to do so, and I love her to bits and pieces for it, but I had hoped to get more than one response...

That reminds me... I have a Christmas story to work on... I need to do that Sunday...

Ok, I'll stop hijacking my own post now <_<

We'll leave for home around midnight between Saturday and Sunday, then it'll be back to the grind for me for 4 days. Lots of travel, yeah, but... if all goes well, we'll get to see some of Rachel's friends... heck, I guess the two we're hoping to see I really consider my friends too now... Kim, Mike, the Police, and the cool people at the Doctor Who fan club... that kind of stuff is worth almost any kind of travel. There is just nothing quite like getting to spend time with friends you care about is there?


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