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I needed a bit of a break from the Con write-ups, so here you go:

Random Thoughts:

1) Wow, I got my first "who the heck are you" add today, which isn't bad for someone who has only been here a week. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.

She probably found me because of things that I have posted over at the  [profile] dconbrittrack , which is one of the places I've demonstrated my inability to shut up so far. There will probably be more of those in the near future X_X. 

Looking over her journal (She seems like a very interesting person, and someone who I could read a lot of stuff besides just stuff that I would normally be interested in, so I added her back), I can see just how much I still have to learn about LJ.

Hopefully my girlfriend will teach me some of this when she gets back. I hope it isn't too much longer, I really miss her.

[personal profile] acciochocolate has offered to teach me what I want to know as well.
I wonder if she has any idea what she has gotten herself into *grin* 

 2) The CIA got together to go see Ghostbusters at the Tivoli last night at midnight. I vacillated over whether to go or not, and finally decided that three and a half hours was farther than I wanted to drive and return from on this occasion, though I am tinged with a bit of regret that I didn't make the trek now.

I comfort myself with the thought that soon I will be closer and more able to go to things.

3) On the baseball front, yesterday sucked. This season just keeps getting more and more surreal.

The beat down of "Team Timex" (they take a licking and keep on ticking) continued.

Maybe we should stop asking "what else can go wrong", because, that question keeps getting answered L

I'm not so much referring to what happened on the field, though it's always depressing when your favorite player makes a miscue that costs you the game. (Rachel say's I'm an Aaron Miles fan boy, and maybe I am… I'm not afraid to admit it.)

What am I referring to then?

Why don't I just link Jeff and Bernie's Columns, because they say it eloquently and, really, I have nothing to add.

4) After reading this, I felt a need to read something to cheer me up, and, as usual, Jeff Gordon's (the St. Louis sportswriter, NOT the "other" Jeff Gordon) tipsheet helped. I especially liked this little nugget, and thought I would share, especially as so many of my current friends are from the Atlanta area:


Is it legit or not? Can’t say.

But Tipsheet is intrigued by the alleged Michael Vick apology notes up for bid on Ebay.

The outline, written on a Omni hotel notepad, featured handwriting that was eerily neat. This item, perfect for framing, is being sold to benefit “The Humane Society of the United States’ efforts to end dogfighting and other forms of animal cruelty by contributing to the Animal Cruelty Response and Reward Fund.”
Or says the entry. Bidding reached $1,550 Wednesday.

That’s enough for now…


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