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Anyone have any suggestions for other Conventions I should try next year? I enjoy gaming, British media, and good panels that might improve my writing (which definitely needs it!) the most. I definitely don't treat con's like cookie cutters. I'm liable to play one game at one, and do nothing BUT game at the next, depending on the relative quality of what is offered. Here is my list at the moment...

February 15-17 Gallifrey in LA. Obviously, this one is for the Doctor Who panels heh.

February 29, March 1-2 Marscon in Bloomington MN. I might offer to run some games at this one, we'll see. I'd be lying if I didn't say my main interest in this one is all the cool filkers that usually show up, like, Tom Smith, Worm Quartet, Carrie Dahlby, and especially The Great Luke Squeeeeeeeeee err Ski, SKI damnit! You didn't see that. Move along, damnit!

April 18-20 Troy Michigan - Not too sure about this one... It looks interesting, it's on a weekend I have off, and it isn't too far from home. Anyone ever been to this one? I'd be willing to listen to alternatives in April...

<strike>May 23-25 ConquesT in Kansas City. Mainly interested in playing/running games here, but they are a really fun bunch and generally have good panels too.</strike>

May 23-26 Timegate Atlanta. I really like ConquesT, it's a great 300-500 attendee con, but, geez, how can I pass this one up??

May 30-31, June 1 Diecon St. Louis. The name pretty much gives away what I'd be doing at this one...

August 6-10 Denvention/World Con Denver. I've never been to a World Con, and the chance to go to Denver, one of my favorite cities, to attend a con is just too good to pass up. I also figured for a 5 day con, I could go in costume as doctor's 1-5 :)

August 14-17 Gen Con Indianapolis. The mother of all gaming cons! RAWR. Also, although it is officially a 4 day con, there is a little bit that goes on Wednesday for the pre registered, meaining I could do doctors 6-10 starting 3 days after doing 1-5!

August 29-31, September 1 - Dragon Con Atlanta The mother of all cons!

October 2-5 Archon - The con that started it all for me. I usually do panels at this con, because they are usually very good. Hopefully it will return to form next year. I dearly love this con.

November 7-9? WindyCon Chicago. It's close and always a fun con.


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