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My vision has been getting better over the last 10 days or so, and is somewhat normal now. I think one of the blind spots has improved quite a bit.

I went to the retina specialist today...

My first thought was WTF is someone named BLINDER doing being an eye doctor, but I didn't ask him because I'm sure he gets asked that all the time...

Anyway, EVERY SINGLE test they did came out within normal ranges, even the blood flow test, but when they did the blood flow test with the lovely yellow dye that make you see the world through rose tinted glasses (everything looks pink for a little while) they discovered not two but FOUR "Cotton Wool" spots. Two of them are just so tiny that the doc didn't see them the other day I guess. The one on the left is HUGE, and apparently I've even lost a decent bit of peripheral vision to the right (which is fortunately compensated for by the other eye).

I still have hope that the other one will improve, though I doubt it's ever "normal", but that huge one... probably not. :(

Anyway, he says it's damn odd that you get spots like that with everything else being completely normal, especially MULTIPLE spots, and wants to see me back in 3 months (wanted me January 2nd... yeah, right! The single biggest day of the year in pharmacy and I can just take it off... SUREEEEEEEE) to make sure there are no other developments of spots (I have no idea what he could do about them if there were...)

Anyway, thats the situation at the moment.

I'll hopefully be posting some more nuggets throughout the night... need to get caught up so I can get back to writing.


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