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[15:58] * &Underdog can remember when almost everything was server contained <_<
[15:58] <@Namegduf> UD wins a retro point.
[15:58] * &Underdog remembers when memoserv was a hot off the presses newfangled idea
[15:58] <@Namegduf> And still no one uses it.
[15:58] <@Namegduf> It's the multiple desktops of IRC.
[15:58] <@Lkeas> heh
[15:59] <@Glarbex> I use multiple desktops.
[15:59] * &Underdog remembers when operserv didn't exist, and all that had to be regulated through the olines
[15:59] <@Namegduf> OperServ is bizarre.
[15:59] <@Rimblade> OperServ is a bully.
[16:00] <@Glarbex> OperServ claims to serve the opers, but in fact it seeks to enslave us all!
[16:00] <&Underdog> botserv was not even a concept then. Hostserv didn't exist as such...
[16:00] <@Namegduf> HostServ should be merged with NS.
[16:01] <@Namegduf> It doesn't do anything but provide an interface to set options on nicks.
[16:01] <&Underdog> we had to walk up hill to school, both ways... in a blinding snowstorm...
[16:01] <@Namegduf> Hehe.
[16:01] <&Underdog> :)

[16:04] * Rimblade is now known as Rimeating
[16:04] <&Goofy|Around> I now picture Rimblade eating wheel rims :)
[16:05] <&Corwin> Or.. ehm..
[16:07] <&Underdog> have a wheel good time with that dinner there...
[16:08] <&Ferret> Cheese wheels!
[16:08] <&Goofy|Around> UD with pun >_<
[16:08] <&Goofy|Around> :P
[16:09] <&Underdog> yes, there are cheese wheels, if only you can... ferret them out.
[16:09] <&Underdog> and yes, the wheel joke deserves a RIMshot <_<
[16:10] <&Underdog> I'll stop now.
[16:10] <&Ferret> UD is channeling Artix
[16:10] <@Namegduf> UD is doing it better. :P
[16:10] <&Ferret> Slightly
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[13:20] <~Dog|Gone> Yeah, the one time kevin did get in trouble...
[13:20] <~Dog|Gone> We just got him new glasses. He was in 2nd grade
[13:21] <~Dog|Gone> He LOVED those glasses
[13:21] <~Dog|Gone> and some punk out on the playground broke them
[13:21] <~Dog|Gone> Kevin got the kid in a headlock and threatened to kill him
[13:21] * @Lkeas ( Quit (Iced:  Keep Hope within.)
[13:22] <~Dog|Gone> so of course, we had to go through the whole deal because of all the school shootings =/
[13:23] <~Dog|Gone> I probably would have done the same thing in his case...
[13:23] * ~Dog|Gone is all bark but no bite of course.
[13:24] <~Dog|Gone> in the scheme of things, Dog|Gone is more like LapDog|Gone <_<

Well, after last night, Boston College would be my new #1... if I had a vote. That comeback was memorable stuff that was. At least they HAVE beaten someone now. Number 8 on the road. Who has OSU beaten?
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<Mogster> Promathia goes to welcome Mogster to the town but as soon as she opens the door she sees her with a dagger in her chest
<Genoclysm> during the middle of a game?
<Mogster> See? I'm stabbed
<Underdog> have a knife day
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[00:41] * Kiyodai ( has joined #werewolf-ooc
[00:41] <&SemiRPG> [Kiyodai] I don't get paid enough to do this job....what's that? I don't get paid at all? D'oh!
[00:41] <Kiyodai> Underdog? I haven't seen you in ages...if you're in fact there..
[00:44] <&Dog|Gone> i'm only here in fiction, sorry...
[00:45] <Legault> Hehehe.
[00:45] <Legault> Historical fiction.
[00:45] <Legault> 'Cause he's Gone.
[00:45] <&Dog|Gone> it's just someone roleplaying me :p
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I'm friggin sleep deprived because my damn Unknown server decided to go down just as I'm going to bed last night. It's not like it was uber critical to fix the thing. We have seven servers afterall, but no, I feel compelled to revive it asap.

We still don't know what the hell happened, possibly a firewall issue, but I lost about 2 hours of sleep wrestling with the damn ircd thinking all the ports were in use. So tonite, I get off early, I'm thinking either try to write or maybe go to bed early, and damned if Ace doesn't coerce me into playing a Clue tourney <_<...

Yeah, I know, I'm a league admin and I should do my duty and all, but meh. The league wouldn't even have been revived if it wasn't for me. I should get a pass :p

Ah well, at least I won the thing.

Course, now we're having another one <_<

One of these days, I need to actually start doing my job as games administrator at Caelestia again... not like 90% of staff does anything, but 90% of staff also doesn't really care if we become a great IRC network or not, cause they are just there to hang out. Why do I have to be possessed with this stupid desire to actually  matter in some way?

Even an Underdog needs a break now and then. Then again, it's pretty well been proven that I'm just not happy unless I have way more to do than I can possibly get done... Damn my type A personality :(

Why can't I learn to relax and be happy doing it?


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