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Those of you who know Rachel... remember when she actually POSTED things on Live Journal? So do I! (Maybe someone should nudge her. She never listens to me)

That is not, however, the reason for this post. The reason for it is something FAR more random than that. Back in her early, formative days on LJ, back when I was happily running the pokemon ladder, working on MediaDriven, and trying to get at least 90 minutes of sleep a night whether I needed it or not, she used to pop meme's like candy in her LJ. I remember this because, while I was incredibly busy trying to be ruler of far too many places to mention, I did manage to find time to read her journal. Heck, I was even inspired to take a few of these memes myself, though, of course, I had nowhere to post them at the time.

Today I was looking back through her LJ, and happened upon something that reminded me of the first one of these I ever did. Heck, the site that hosted the quiz is broken. The quiz is inaccessible , but amazingly the pictures are STILL there!

So, in honor of... well, nothing in particular... I proudly, yet humbly present to you the result of the first meme I ever did.

Yes, thats right, the first meme I ever did was a my little pony meme... No, I was not abusing any substance at that time... really, I SWEAR I wasn't! I know what you're saying...

You're saying YES, YES YOU WERE DAMNIT!  Not only that, but you are probably abusing the same substance RIGHT NOW AS YOU TYPE THIS!

This was NOT Rachel's response, however. Her response was: "How on EARTH did you get that result? Cheerful? Extroverted? OPTIMISTIC?! That is SO NOT YOU. You CHEATED to get that result didn't you?"

The answer to both you, the reader, and her, is no. I'm not on anything, and I didn't cheat to get that result.

So, the real question of the day for you, gentle reader, is this: Do YOU think I'm Sunburst?  Discuss =P (Lets see if any of you are crazy enough to respond to this at home kiddies)


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