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More loggies.

Session 3 )
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Yeah, I know, most if not all of you will be totally uninterested in this, but since I'm not really using this space for anything anymore, untill i find a better place, I'm sticking my logs from my IRC D&D game here. It's a mostly 2nd edition players option game, with some stuff from 1st edition thrown in for fun.

It's set in my own realm, called Arland. It was once a non magical realm, where the various races got along fairly well, but with the arrival of the otherworldy elves from "beyond the mists", it became a land dominated by the elves and men... It's a realm where the magic of the elves has caused more harm than good over the last 5,000 years... or has it?

Enjoy or not as you see fit.

Session 1 )

Session 2 )
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something so you can quit nudging me =P. I doubit it's of interest to most (Any) of you, but I made an out of order post at the top =D
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Thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday. Sorry I haven't posted in ages, and it really warms my heart that you guys remembered me and that some of you have sent me nudges and emails asking if I was ok. I promise I'll try not to be such a stranger... I've just been really preoccupied with... things.

I definitely have missed you guys though.
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Happy Birthday [personal profile] auntiemeesh

You have been a good friend to me since we met at D*C. Thanks for all you've done.

I'll get your present in the mail any day now.... no, really...
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We survived Gallifrey. I'll make a short report on the weekend Thurs or Friday... Wait till you guys see the costume that won the masquerade. I know at least 2 of you will say "Ours is better than that!"
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Ah, what a wonderful day! It's one of the greatest days of the entire year!

It's... It's... It's... The FIRST DAY OF SPRING TRAINING of course (what did you think I was going to say?)

Seriously though, I've almost finished cooking a valentine's dinner for[personal profile] prudence_moon I hope she likes it.

Still haven't heard back from a couple of you... you know who you are... don't make me drive all the way to Georgia and knock on your doors <_<
(cause I will if I have to!)

That's all I have time for atm, cause I have to crash as soon as dinner is over cause we're getting up at 4am to drive to the airport so we can fly out to LA/Gallifrey in the morning.


[Bad username or unknown identity: ]
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I've been getting some prods, so... yes, I'm still alive. I've been trying to stay off the net for the most part. I'm working on finishing a couple of games so I can remove them from my labtop so I won't be able to do anything BUT write on it. I'm at my moms, so thats all I'm going to post right now.
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I will post about how happy I was with my Tigers win in the Cotton Bowl (Darren who??? Fear Tony the Tiger!). One of these days, I will actually write more of my story and/or post what I have as a short story or something. One of these days, I might even write up last year's Dragon Con report. Maybe. However, sometimes, one of those moments come along that just demand I write/post, and the Cardinals have provided just such a moment. No, I'm not talking about Matt Clement. That's exciting, don't get me wrong, but it's not exactly must post material. So, what exactly AM I talking about?

The Cardinals resigned Aaron Miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, all is, at last, good and right with the world.
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to let those of you who kindly asked for this information. We arrived home safe and sound at about 2pm local time. Will post a bit in a day or two. For now, I just wanted to say: Vikki, Rain, Kim, and Mike, I miss you guys already. Hopefully we should make a visit in late Feb or early March.

PS: To those of you in PA and MD, I haven't really kept up with this space in a couple weeks, so, I've missed you too. Hope things are well with all of you.

PPS: Congrats on your Pen's historic win in the snow Rh. Hope you have thawed out by now!
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I never got out to get stamps today... must get out to get stamps tomorrow to send the Christmas cards X_X. The last 8 hours of CE can wait. I have days to get it done.
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Time to do my 30 hours of Continuing Education so I can keep my pharmacy liscense... meh, I hate doing these courses... at least they are free. I really need to get as many of them as possible done today, because I desperately do NOT want to be doing these while in Atlanta.

Edit: 20 hours down, 10 to go =p
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Lovely snowy evening here in downtown Quincy IL. I'd like to just curl up in a little ball, watch the snow through the window, and just drift off, but no, not today. Inspired by the successful, action oriented day that [personal profile] auntiemeesh had, I'm going to go address everyone's Christmas Cards now.

Most of you are getting a little something from me in celebration of the bank refunding our two thousandish bucks. I felt like it was only right to share with those of you who have proven to be real friends :) Some of you I had no idea what to get for, so, apologies if you get something thats somewhat impersonal.

Don't worry, I'm doing good/charitable stuff with some of the refund too. This all seems only right, especially at this time of year.

Off I go...
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My comp came back from the shop early so yea!
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floating down through the clouds
memories come rushing up to meet me now
in the space between the heavens
and in the corner of some foreign field
i had a dream
i had a dream
goodbye max
goodbye ma
after the service when you're walking slowly to the car
and the silver in her hair shines in the cold november air
you hear the tolling bell
and touch the silk in your lapel
and as the tear drops rise to meet the comfort of the band
you take her frail hand
and hold on to the dream
a place to stay
enough to eat
somewhere old heroes shuffle safely down the street
where you can speak out loud
about your doubts and fears
and what's more no-one ever disappears
you never hear their standard issue kicking in your door
you can relax on both sides of the tracks
and maniacs don't blow holes in bandsmen by remote control
and everyone has recourse to the law
and no-one kills the children anymore
and no-one kills the children anymore
night after night
going round and round my brain
his dream is driving me insane
in the corner of some foreign field
the gunner sleeps tonight
what's done is done
we cannot just write off his final scene
take heed of the dream
take heed
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Shamelessly stolen from [profile] ginevra007 

how jedi are you?
:: by lawrie malen

All my friends get Mace Windu, but me... Look, it's not my fault that Padme is so damn hot is it?
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Well, the hangover finally faded. Haven't had one of those in years...

That choking sound you heard came from the Alamodome. =/

For once, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Let me say that I AM proud of Missouri. Sure we lost, but it's still the second best team we have ever had. The injuries at receiver didn't help, especially doing without the wonderfully talented Chase Coffman, but lets be honest... the better team won.

I really don't see how the hell Oklahoma could lose to Colorado and Texas Tech. We SLAUGHTERED those teams. Aparently, they just didn't take them seriously or something... They clearly took the game yesterday seriously...

I was already having an awful weekend, but that capped it.

I want to thank everyone who responded to my post a couple days ago. Sorry for going all emo on you. I guess everything bad just kinda happened at once and this was about my only outlet to release my frustrations.

Normally I'd whine to Geoff or Chris on AIM or Susan or Mel MSN, or Reens/Pae/John/Fal/Goofy on irc, but my cpu is out of commission, so I'm having to share a comp with Rachel atm.  Because I'm using her comp, I can't really go on aim or msn, and Rachel's hideous irc setup hurts my eyes. She uses a puke green background for Christ's sake :(

I have no local friends at all. None. I have more friends in the states of Georgia and Pennsylvania than I do in Illinois where I live. Hell, I have more friends in CANADA than I do within a 100 mile radius of my house...

Baring some unforseen problems, I will be responding to those replies you folks made to me specifically tomorrow, because you all deserve one. I will also (finally) be posting the pictures of the car from the deer strike. They are loaded up to the comp, I just need to take the time to host them.

Rachel's taking piccies of her Jem collection tonite as well. Either she or I will make them available in the next couple days, so that will finally take care of that.

For now, I need to go to bed so I can get up in the morning.

 Before I do though, I just want to say that despite anything I might seem to have implied regarding [personal profile] auntiemeesh  (or ANY of you) I am not at all dissapointed  with anyone other than myself.

Mary, you are a WONDERFUL friend. If you're a "bad friend"  as you say, then I wish I had 100 more bad friends just like you.

I think you're one of the most grounded people I've ever really gotten to know. I love reading your journal and I should comment on it more often.

Your "boring, ordinary" days do interest me. Something about your writing often makes me feel as if I was somewhere in the background observing.

You're life might not be something spectacular on the grand cosmic scale, but thats ok, because sometimes it's the small scale things that matter most. 

In your journal, I see the day to day successes and sometimes failures of a person with a good heart. I see a very real person just trying to make it from day to day, waiting for the break that is long, long overdue to come her way.

Most of the time, your entries are the most interesting reads of the day for me because the strike a chord with me on a human level.  They  feel  so very tangible. They make me empathize with you. Without your journal, my life would be a little bit poorer.
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I got an email/call from [personal profile] acciochocolate tonight! Seems she is back in town and wants to see us before we return home.

The four of us have arranged to meet for dinner and a movie tomorrow up in Stockbridge. I'm glad that we could get together at least once while we were here.

We'll hopefully get to visit when we're back the week between Thanksgiving and New Years as well, though [personal profile] shishio might have plans for us as well (I sure hope she does. I really enjoyed going to the concert with her and Rain!)

Speaking of [personal profile] shishio I'm a bit worried about her, as she hasn't returned Rachel's calls the last couple days. She's been through a lot of stress lately, but had a job interview Monday, and was supposed to call us after the interview and let us know how it went. I'm guessing the fact that she hasn't contacted us means that she didn't get it, and is too depressed to want to talk about it.

I can completely relate to that kind of depression. I've been there.

I feel like I understand her as well as you can understand someone you've only met a few times and talked to a little online. Though we're different in a lot of ways, I think we're fundamentally alike in temperment and outlook. Maybe more alike than anyone I've ever called a friend.

Like I was at that age, and still am to some degree, she's a passionate person who really puts a lot of pride and self worth into her job, and to be laid off the way she was, for the reason she was has, shaken her to the core. It would have devastated me at that age as well.

She was loyal to a fault, even moving with her employer because she liked him so much. It felt like a family there, for her, so she loyally followed, and what did it get her? Other than a kick in the face, just a lot of vague feelings of anger and confusion. Now she wonder's what the point of being loyal at all is...

In time, she will learn that there is one, but that you just have to be careful about who you are loyal to. Sometimes, you'll make mistakes, and your loyalty won't be rewarded, but, sometimes it will, and building those relationships is worth all the failed ones. Even though the failed ones will cause a lot of pain in the short term, they will be worth putting up with because of the rewards of the successful ones.

I also suspect that she doesn't want to seem like a whiner/complainer, and doesn't want to get others down with what she's going through.
Therefore, she doesn't complain much, and when she does, probably only to a very select few... I can probably guess the select few...

Speaking of those select few, I hope she realizes how lucky she is to have a wonderful partner to help her through this. When most of the crap happened to me, I had no one to talk to, no one on who's shoulder to cry, at least not physically. I guess there was Susan... amazing how many good people I've met on IRC over the years... I really should call her up when I get home... I digress...

Maybe there is even a little bit of not wanting to have to rely on other people going on... I think I see that in her a bit too... I used to have the WORST case of that. I never wanted to even ask someone the time if I could walk down the hall and look for myself. I hated even asking someone for  jump for a dead battery. I was supposed to be a rock... never need anyone... I finally got past that and learned to trust... I finally learned that letting other people in was worth it.  I don't think shes got it as bad as I did, but shes had some people stab her in the back, and its understandably made her a little cautious. 

That all this has happened to her... It really sucks, because she's such a good person. She worked REALLY hard to get to where she is. She's no "princess" who had things handed to her all her life.  She really deserves something good to happen for her. --- I could say the same thing about someone I know in Pennsylvania too, but that's another story for another time perhaps ---

My great hope right now is that she can get past her feelings of failure and let her friends help her when she needs a helping hand. Not just Rachel and I, but all of her friends.

While it seems she sees herself as Vikki the failure, or, even worse, Vikki the fool for being so loyal to someone who ultimately proved unworthy of her loyalty, I hope she can realize that her friends don't think one ounce less of her now than we ever did.  To her friends, she's still the same fun loving, funny, wonderful person she always has been.

To us, she's still Vikki our wonderful, loyal friend. We miss her.

We certainly don't want to pressure her, we know she needs her space too... I know from personal experience... but, yeah, from a purely selfish perspective, I'm not afraid to say I miss reading her posts, and look forward to the day she's back and feeling like her old self.

You know, I dono why I worry so much about her, but I do. Maybe because, whether she knows it or not, she's Rachel's best friend. Maybe it's just because I see so much of me 10-15 years ago in her (thats kinda scary actually...), maybe it's something else entirely.

Rachel says that my latching onto people like this is one of my best qualities, but, sometimes it frustrates and annoys the shit out of me, and I wonder why I have to feel the way I do. I sometimes wonder if it wouldn't be better if I could just not feel this way about people and things that are important to me.

There is both a positive and a negative to this of course. The positive is that when things DO go well, it can be almost a mania like high. The negative, of course, is that when things go bad, you can feel suicidally depressed...

While I may sometimes wish that I could be otherwise, I know deep down not only can't I, but that I wouldn't really want to. Of all things, a moment from the Doctor Who Story "The Invasion of Time" pretty well sums up.

The Doctor: People are dying out there. Men, Women, Time Lords even have died in that battle. Doesn't that concern you?

Borusa: It concerns you?

The Doctor: Yes, very much so.

Borusa: Then you should remember your training... in detachment.

The Doctor: I'd rather care.

Yes, in the end, I'd rather care. For those of us "emotional junkies" who feel things intensely, the good times really are worth the bad. Sometimes, we may waver in that belief, but it is true.

There will be good times ahead still Vikki, and the good times will be well worth the crap you are going through now, you just gotta believe.
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brought to you by the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Can we FINALLY get over the love affair with LSU?

I know, the LSU apologists will be quick to point out that their 2 losses were both in overtime, but lets face it folks. Kentucky has since been shown to be just a slightly above average team, and no one would mistake Arkansas for a top 20 team. They lost to Arkansas AT HOME for crying out loud.

LSU has played with fire all season. They play up or down to the level of their opponents nearly every game. For the second time, their own inability to play at their top level vs weaker opponents has come back to bite them.

Now that we have almost run out of not only unbeaten teams, but once beaten teams too, can we FINALLY give some respect to the winner of the MU/KU game, and admit that the winner of that game DESERVES to be in the title game if they beat Oklahoma in the Big XII Championship game?

Once again, let me stress, that I'm not asking for unfair treatment here, but only fair treatment. All I ask for is a little respect, just for a little, for whichever of the two teams wins that game if they also beat Oklahoma.

By the way, if Hawaii beats Boise State tonight, isn't it time we gave THEM a little respect too? I'm sick and tired of hearing how they played no one. They TRIED to schedule people, but, in the typical BCS powers chicken shit response, NO ONE wanted any part of Colt Brennan and company.

Michigan State used a buyout clause to get out of having to play them. They tried to schedule Michigan, but the Ferrets... err, Wolverines, prefered to play somone safe, and scheduled  1-AA Appalachian State. When they became the first 1-A team to lose to a 1-AA team, justice was served. They also tried hard to play USC, but they also wanted no part of them.

Hawaii can only play the people who are not too scared to show up and play them.

If we aren't going to have a playoff system in Division 1-A, then we need a rule that says any team that goes undefeated and at least makes a bona fide effort to schedule at least one non conference team that could reasonably be expected to be a top 25 team that season is automatically in the title game unless there are two other undefeated teams. Maybe then, people might be willing to play teams like Hawaii, so they could give them a loss and eliminate them.

Yes, I know a rule like this would be murky, and difficult to write, but the effort should be made. We need to encourage teams to play people like Hawaii and Boise State and the like, because right now the system DISCOURAGES it for two reasons.

1) If they lose to a "non BCS" school, the voters and computers will hammer them and, more importantly

2) If these non BCS schools actually win games against BCS schools, and especially if they do it more than once, they might actually start attracting recruits and respect and become a real, annual power, and, lets face it, the BCS conferences have a major vested interest in keeping that from happening.

I could go on and on about this, but, this is enough ranting for now.
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OK, so, I get off work at 7pm last night, all packed and prepped for my drive to Atlanta (Zebulon actually).

Google Maps tells us it is a 12 hour drive (exactly), however, I'm taking a slight detour to my mom's, because I've discovered that some of my Blake's 7 tapes have mysteriously materialized there. No worries though, because it's only 27 minutes out of the way, plus 60-90 minutes for a visit before she goes to bed.

 However, as I'm shutting down the computer for the night, I decide to check my email one last time to see if anyone ever came up with a way to get those Time Gate fliers to Chicago Tardis and...

There is an email from Rob Levy which reads:

Please call Jennifer Picker at XXX-XXX-XXXX
she is driving up to CT.

So I think, ok, well, depending on what part of St. Louis she lives in, this could be a long detour...

Wondering where I will be diverting to to drop the fliers off at, I call her... and she's ON HER WAY to Chicago RIGHT THEN...

She's just left, and is currently in South County on I-255. After doing some calculations, I figure we can both arrive in Springfield Illinois at almost exactly the same time. Since that's on her way, she agrees.

Springfield would, ordinarily NOT be more than a few minutes at most out of the way to Atlanta, as the "secondary" route to get there goes through there (The "primary" one goes through Hannibal MO and St. Louis MO, but there's less than 30 minutes difference between them, and I've been driving most of the "secondary" route for years anyway), but since I'm going by my mom's as well, I figure it adds 90 minutes to the trip,  (pretty much what Google Maps drop and drag thinks too).

Well, by the time I stop and get something to eat in Springfield and talk to Jennifer (who's a really interesting person and was well worth the detour to meet with), you can tack another 30 minutes or so on...  So by the time I got to my mom's, it's 11:10pm (if I'd gone directly there with only the one gas stop, I'd have made it by 9:45-10:00 or so) By the time I get my stuff there and visit with my mom, its like 12:30... eeep

Its taken about 5:15 minutes, just to make it the leg of the trip that was supposed to be 2:27 drive time, plus maybe an hour or so to visit...

A 12:30-13 hour drive to Atlanta this will not be.

I know from experience that 12-13 hours is about my limit, even when fully alert and rested when starting. No amount of food/leg stretching stops really adds to that total. So, having left at about 7:15, I wind up figuring that 8:30 is about my limit, after which I will have to rest and take a nap. I figure out that I can make it to the rest area in the mountain pass in Tennessee at Monteagle in about that time... and yeah, I was pushing it to get there, as I had a couple of those, hello, I'm on the shoulder moments X_X. So, when I get to that rest area, the damn thing is CLOSED... C R A P. I somehow manage to make it to the Nick-a-Jack rest area about 25 miles further on, but OMG, there were a couple times I nearly blacked out, including twice in the last mile of the trip.

After about a 2 hour nap ( I confess I was too tired to care exactly what time I fell asleep and woke up) I woke up and continued on, arriving at my destination about 17 hours after I left. Holy shit that was a loooooong trip, and one I don't look forward to repeating any time soon.

I ordinarily love that drive. I even have the radio station progression all programed into my radio. But I ordinarily stop only twice for 10 minutes to get gas and pee, so I really can make it in 12 hours or less.

The roundabout trip was for a couple good causes, and I don't regret doing it, but... I'm glad its over. I'm now rethinking the whole driving from Denver (World Con) to Indy (Gen Con) in a single day next year.
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